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Character information
Common name Haiku
Also known as Haiku-chan, Haiku-tan is EXTREMELY uncommon
First appearance DeviantArt
Technical information
System personified Haiku OS
Developer(s) Haiku Inc.
Debut Sep 2009 (alpha release)
Latest release Haiku OS alpha release

Haiku(-tan) is the personification of the Haiku OS Operating System, the open source successor of BeOS. She was originally designed as a tan for the BeOS Operating System, but it was later changed into a personification of its Open Source successor, Haiku OS.

She is the daughter of BeOS-tan and has a twin sister, Zeta-tan, who looks identical to her except for her personality.

Haiku is cheerful, friendly and energetic, but is also lazy when it comes to work - resembling the extraordinary potential of the Haiku OS project which doesn't currently live up to her potential. Haiku OS has been in development since 2001, as a successor to Be OS, which was last released in 2000. There were some who said that Haiku OS would never be released, but an alpha version was released in September 2009 with overall good reviews.

She is friends with almost anyone except Linux-tan who hates her de-inhibited behavior and is particularly fond of Tiger-TAN, to the extreme that she actually develops a crush on her.

Her appearance has varied over the early designs, who featured her dressed in shorts and a sweater with the BeOS logo and the words Be Yourself written in it. The sweater and shorts was later dropped in favor of a light shirt featuring the same slogan and logo and a miniskirt, somewhat resembling a schoolgirl outfit, variations of this outfit is the current Haiku look.

Every design features bee antennae on her head and a pair of insect wings on her back (though their size varies from picture to picture), early versions also featured a stinger. She also features very long and single eyelashes resembling a stinger, and amber eyes.

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