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Mac OSX 10.4-tan
Character information
Common name Mac OSX 10.4-tan
Also known as Tiger-sama
First appearance Nijiura.com
Technical information
System personified Mac OS X 10.4
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Debut April 29, 2002
Latest release 10.4.11 (14 November 2007)

Character details

Representing the most iconic Mac OSX-tan to date, Tiger-tan personifies the fifth and most popular major release of Mac OSX. The system itself is the pinnacle of form and stability in the Mac OSX family, and has garnered much attention after being the first OSX version to be released for Intel Macs. Therefore, it's no surprise, that pictures featuring the Nijiura Tiger-tan are relatively bountiful and popular (although other variants are plentiful as well, even if not direct references to Mac OSX 10.4).

Ofter a first batch of designs very different from each other, many of which featuring references to the german tank Tiger I such as her holding a Tank Cannon. After the first period the Futaba and Nijiura pretty much settled on a single design, which is as today the standard and only suffers minor variations.

Tiger-tan is depicted as a young, friendly and very energetic woman with thick blonde hair held up by a black X shaped ribbon, blue (sometimes yellow) eyes, and a pair of tiger ears and tail. She wears an unusual hybrid between a black business suit (v-shaped collar and red tie featuring the X logo) and a black swimsuit, in addition to black arm-length gloves and full-sized leggings. The final appearance strikes as both futuristic (somewhat business-oriented) and revealing -- while the majority of known depictions feature her as a playful, spirited woman bursting with energy, some artists have drawn her in mellow and sexually-suggestive poses. Most recent designs feature a red tie with a white X, and sometimes a ring that connects the panties and the dress' top.

Of particular note is the concept that her system age and popularity makes her the leader of the pack of sorts, and has even been depicted comforting the two oldest members (Cheetah-tan and Puma-tan). And given the introduction of Boot Camp during the system's life, Tiger-tan is also considered to be friendlier and more diplomatic to the Windows-tans than any other Mac release before her. Ironically, images featuring her (or any of the OSX-tans) mingling with any of the original Mac characters (Generic Mac-tan, OS9-tan, OS9-kun, the OSX-kuns, etc.) are rare and few.

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