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Character information
Common name KolibriOS
Also known as Kolibri, KOS
First appearance Sep 2008
Height 144 cm (4'8")
Hair color purple
Eye color silver
Faction Wanderer Class, partly-affiliated with the CIOST
Lineage Menuet-32
Technical information
System personified KolibriOS
Developer(s) KolibriOS Project Team
Debut 2004
Latest release r7645 (May 1, 2019)

Technical details

KolibriOS is derived from the 32-bit version of MenuetOS, both of which are coded entirely in Assembly, and small enough to boot from a 1.44 MB floppy disk. KolibriOS been known to attain boot times as low as 3 seconds. It originated for the x86 platform, but a variant, Kolibri-A, also known as EmbeddedKOS has been developed for the AMD platform to be used as an embedded OS.

Development began in 2004 and is still a beta OS, but is frequently updated.

Character details

KolibriOS-tan is MenuetOS-tan's daughter, represented as a free-spirited and hyperactive girl with silver eyes, and long purple hair in a similar hairstyle to MenuetOS-tan's, but tied in a bun with a green ribbon. She has hummingbird wings, and can fly. Specifically, she is part colibri, the genus of hummingbird that KolibriOS is named after.

She wears a long and sleeveless light blue dress with a translucent black dress layer over it, silver gloves, and a sash with the colors and pattern of the KolibriOS logo.

Like MenuetOS-tan, KolibriOS-tan is very friendly and somewhat fussy but KolibriOS-tan is the more outgoing of the two. She is good at writing, and keeps a lot of documentation, but is disorganized. Her writings are usually scattered about, and specific information is hard to find in them, referencing how KolibriOS's help documentation is regarded as inconsistent in what it covers or does not, but what it does cover is well-written and clear.

She adheres to a minimalist lifestyle, and likes to play games, reflecting KolibriOS's extremely low system requirements for a modern OS, and the various games included with it.

Family and relationships

She has some strong disagreements with MeneuetOS-tan stemming from differing source models. KolibriOS-tan is strictly an adherent of open source philosophies, and thinks that MenuetOS-tan strayed away from it and the open source model due to the 64-bit version of MenuetOS becoming proprietary, and development of the 32-bit version, which is open source, being discontinued. Despite their disagreements, they care enough to come to each other's defense if needed.

She is friends with DexOS-tan and Contiki-tan.

OSC Notes

In the Annex Project fanon, she lives as a wanderer because like many hobbyist OS-tans, she was not born into a faction. For a wanderer, she is fairly well-off because she has support from from many hobbyists. She could have joined the Confederation of Independent OS-tans based on some members' recommendations, but prefers to stay a wanderer because she loves to travel, though she is willing to be an ally to the CIOST.

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