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Character information
Common name KolibriOS
Also known as Kolibri, KOS
First appearance Sep 2008
Height 144 cm (4'8")
Hair color purple
Eye color silver
Faction Wanderer Class, partly-affiliated with the CIOST
Lineage Menuet-32
Technical information
System personified KolibriOS
Developer(s) KolibriOS Project Team
Debut circa 2006
Latest release v7.7.0 (13 Dec 2009)

Technical details

KolibriOS is a highly customizable derivative of the 32-bit MenuetOS.

Character details

KolibriOS-tan is MenuetOS-tan's daughter- represented as a free-spirited and hyperactive girl with hummingbird wings, silver eyes; purple hair in a bun with highly decorated hair. Her hair is decorated with ribbons, beads and feathers- all tied up with a green bow. She wears a long and sleeveless light blue dress with a translucent black dress layer over it, silver gloves, and a sash with the colors and pattern of the KolibriOS logo.

Like MenuetOS-tan, KolibriOS-tan is very friendly and somewhat fussy but KolibriOS-tan is the more outgoing of the two, and is very easy to communicate with. She lives as a wanderer since she loves to travel, and likes the lack of obligations associated with the Wanderer Class, but is allied with the CIOST because of MenuetOS-tan.

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