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Commodore 128-tan
Character information
Common name C128-tan
Also known as SEN-chan
First appearance Aug 2008
Height 165 cm (5'5")
Hair color lilac
Eye color light green
Weapon(s) revolver
Faction Wanderer Class, formerly of the Commodore Family
Lineage 8-bit Commodore
Technical information
System personified Commodore 128 and 128D (hardware), Commodore BASIC (software)
Developer(s) Commodore
Debut Jan 1985
Latest release 1989

Technical details

The Commodore 128, or C128 was released in 1985, as the significantly expanded successor to the C64. The C128 is the last 8-bit home computer model that was commercially released by Commodore since their last 8-bit home computer, the Commodore 65, was canceled.

The C128 also had a Z80 CPU to run CP/M prograns, and was intended as a business machine. Due to the C64's continued popularity, the C128 has almost full backwards compatibility with it, through the built-in C64 mode.

Character details

C128-tan is represented as a kind and mature woman with long lilac hair and light green eyes. She wears a white dress shirt, black skirt, dark leggings, flat shoes, and a grey and white hat with the Commodore insignia on it. Her shirt, skirt and hat are parts of her old Commodore Fleet uniform. In her full uniform, she wore boots instead of flat shoes, and wore a grey naval captain coat with black and navy blue trim, and wore a tie with it.

Despite being one of the youngest of the old family fleet, is often confused as the eldest due to her appearance and calm disposition. She is less competitive than the other Commodore-tans, and tried to avoid sibling rivalries, which may reflect how the C128 was not meant to undercut the sales of the C64 or Amiga.

OSC Notes

History and background

When she was in service of the Commodore Fleet, she was firm and professional, but was also mature and motherly, and the only one out of the old guard that treated the young cadet Amiga-tan with any welcoming spirit.

In the early days of their training, the cadet Amiga-tan and C128-tan both garnered their respective and secret fanclubs among the Commodore deck crew. While Amiga-tan's natural charm, friendliness and gaming prowess would've garnered the larger secret fanbase, C128-tan's sweet, gentle and mature air would have earned her points among a loyal and entrenched secret fanbase. They never found out about their secret fanbases in their time at the Commodore Fleet.

Since she was geared for the business market, her main competitors were MS-DOS-tan, PC-DOS-tan, and the PC Compatibles.

In 1989 when C65-tan was born, C128-tan was the only member of the fleet who was entrusted to know of her. She was C65-tan's caregiver, teacher, and mother figure until C65-tan's exile was ordered by executives in 1991. C128-tan hoped to give the young C65-tan a surprise party while simultaneously presenting the joyous news to her other sisters to introduce her to them. But after the horrible news of C65-tan's banishment, she chose not to tell anyone about it. With the company already in its last throes, she could not afford to drop morale even further. After the company's bankruptcy and disbanding of the fleet in 1994, she roamed the world as a Wanderer, and made it her life's work to find the long-lost C65-tan.

Around 2010, she found C65-tan, and wanted to introduce her to the rest of the Commodore-tans in one of the first reunions they had since the fleet disbanded. Conflicts broke out between C65-tan against the other Commodore-tans, who fought her before while they were wanderers, because they thought she was a bootleg OS-tan. C128-tan had to resolve the misunderstandings between them, but was able to properly introduce C65-tan to the rest of the family.