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Newton OS-tan
Character information
Common name Newton OS-tan
Also known as Apple Newton
First appearance Mar 2007
Height 30 cm (1'0")
Hair color black
Eye color red w/ green highlights
Faction Wanderer Class
Lineage independent
Technical information
System personified Apple Newton hardware and Newton OS
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Debut 1993
Latest release 1998

Character Details

Newton-tan is represented as a fairy in a grey dress and white blouse with short black hair, green wings and a Newton logo headband. Her eyes are a two-toned red-to-green gradient color.

She is timid and lacks self-confidence, being a commercial failure who left the Apple house in 1998, but is still determined to be helpful to someone in need. Although she can fly, she is afraid of heights.

A self-proclaimed expert writer, as Apple set the bar for handwriting recognition very high, but she is actually only average at it since the Newton, although better at handwriting than commonly believed, didn't quite live up to Apple's promises.

History and background

Newton-tan was created as another genetically-altered project, designed to be useful to the Apple-tans and other people she worked with to quickly and cleanly record what they write. Unfortunately, her family may have placed too much hype on her abilities (as a consequence, inflating her ego), and placed their expectations too high and unrealistically.

In her work, she had some writing mistakes she still can't live down, and shamefully retired in 1998. She still lives as a Wanderer, and is often seen with A/UX-tan. However, she did have some influence, teaching the younger generation Macs how to write, and may have inspired the eventual creation of iPhone-tan.