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Character information
Common name ICL OpenVME
Also known as Virtual Machine Environment
Human name(s) Vera Boys
First appearance Winter 2009
Height Low 5' range
Hair color Strawberry blonde
Eye color Blue-gray
Weapon(s) N/A
Faction Mainframe Guild
Lineage Loosely related to Multics, Unix, GEORGE
Rival(s) IBM mainframe-tans
Technical information
System personified ICL VME
Developer(s) International Computers Limited, later Fujitsu
Debut Circa mid-1970s
Latest release Unknown

Technical details

OpenVME is a mainframe and minicomputer operating system developed by International Computers Limited (now a part of Fujitsu). At the time of its inception, its primary competitor was IBM's OS/360; today it is considered more technologically-advanced than many modern Unix derivatives.

Character details

OpenVME-tan is depicted as a short woman. She has reddish-blonde hair (usually worn up in a French twist), bloodshot grey-blue eyes and a pair of mismatched wings - one black and one white. These wings are not a biological or magical feature of her body - they were grafted onto her body at some point in her youth, in one of many experimental surgeries performed to enhance her physical capabilities. These procedures left her not only with wings (and rather prominent scars on her back) but an unusual configuration of internal organs.

VME-tan often wears heavily layered, baroque clothing in the style of Multics-tan, as well as thick plastic-framed glasses.

VME-tan is rather elitist toward OS-tans she considers less-advanced (particularly the Unices and Windows-tans), however her personality is quite whimsical and she is notoriously prone to distraction. She feels above petty bickering and avoids arguments, but is known to become aggressive when threatened.

Family and Relationships

OpenVME-tan has few known friends and no confirmed family. WWMCCS-tan is often depicted as being close friends with VME-tan.

History and background