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Character information
Common name WWMCCS
Also known as Worldwide Command and Control System, Wimex
Human name(s) "Wimex"
First appearance 2010
Height 5'3
Hair color Chocolate brown
Eye color Dark brown
Weapon(s) Information manipulation
Faction Formerly unaligned, currently presumed Deceased
Lineage Incorporated many different lineages, including GCOS
Technical information
System personified Worldwide Command and Control System
Developer(s) US Department of Defense
Debut 1962
Latest release 1992

Technical details

The Worldwide Command and Control System, or WWMCCS (pronounced 'Wimex') was the name of a command and control system created by the Department of Defense in the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis. WWMCCS wasn't a singular entity, but an overarching system encompassing many other systems, including ones involved with data collection and processing, communication and warning, among others. The full breadth of hardware and software used in the system is still-unknown, but Honeywell 6000 mainframes running a specialized version of GCOS, Datanet, AN/FYQ-65s and BBN packet-switching computers were among the documented machines.

Despite never fully achieving the goals that had been envisioned for it and having a number of problems - most notably, a communications-breakdown that contributed to the deadly USS Liberty incident - WWMCCS proved useful in the Gulf War and was in use until 1996.

Character details


WWMCCS-tan is depicted as a somewhat short woman of average build, with thick brown hair styled in a short 1960s bouffant hairdo, brown eyes and pallid skin. She is missing one eye and subsequently wears a patch - her remaining eye usually appears tired and bloodshot, with a black ring beneath it. She wears civilian attire, sweaters and overcoats being a favorite of hers', and specialized rings on each finger for the control of data.

Psychologically-speaking, WWMCCS-tan is intelligent, neurotic, depressed and chronically-tired. She feels terrible about her shortcomings and harbors tremendous amounts of guilt over her mistakes, in particular her involvement in the USS Liberty incident. She redeemed herself somewhat in the 1990s, but she was unappreciated throughout the vast majority of her career. She is well aware of this fact, but clings to her own sense of importance nevertheless.

Underlying mental illness has been strongly hinted at. It has never been outright stated in-story or in supplemental material, but her creator has suggested that her missing eye is the result of a self-inflicted injury which occurred during the course of a psychotic break. It has also been suggested that WWMCCS-tan has a borderline-obsession with various United States Secretaries of Defense, particularly Robert S. McNamara.


WWMCCS-tan's powers have yet to be fully explored in-story or supplemental materials. While she is documented as having the ability to magically-manipulate data and information with the help of special rings, the exact extent of this ability is yet-unknown.

In spite of her intellectual and magical abilities, WWMCCS has some trouble managing the huge amounts of data and messages she receives and processes. She tries her best, but still faces the reality of limited resources.

Family and Relationships

She has no documented family members, although it has been theorized that she shares a partial or full relation to the computers that comprise her system, in particular, GCOS-tan. She and OpenVME-tan are friends.

She is depicted as a friend of (and later, romantic interest to) SAGE-tan in one alternative-universe story, but it is unknown if this relationship also exists within the "regular" OSC OS-tan canon.

History and Background


Theories and Notes

Due to her numerous psychological issues, inferiority complex and role as an important military-related computer system-tan, WWMCCS has often been likened to SAGE-tan.

WWMCCS may have some skill with makeshift weapons. In one alternate-universe story she is depicted as defeating an adversary with a garrote made of telephone line.