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Character information
Common name MenuetOS-tan
Also known as MeOS, Menu-chan, Menuet32, Menuet64
First appearance Jul 2008
Height 171 cm (5'7")
Hair color dark red with red highlights
Eye color silver
Faction CIOST
Lineage independent
Technical information
System personified Menuet OS, 32- and 64-bit versions
Developer(s) Ville Mikael Turjanmaa
Debut unknown, but has been around since 2002
Latest release 0.93 (19 Feb 2010)

Technical Details

Menuet OS is a complete and modern OS built from scratch, entirely in assembly and small enough to fit in a single 1.44 MB floppy disk. Development is focused on speed, simplicity and efficiency and has full-featured and easy to use assembly language programming. the 32-bit version of Menuet OS is free and open source, the 64-bit version is proprietary freeware.

Character Details

Menuet OS-tan is loyal, compassionate, straightforward, efficient and resourceful, but is fussy (limited hardware compatibility for an Open Source OS) and difficult to get to know. She is generally introverted and has been a loner for her whole life as she never had any parents or siblings; as a consequence, she has learned to fend for herself, be self-reliant at all costs at a young age. Being built entirely in assembly and facilitating easy assembly programming, she is a strong advocate of the advancement of the assembly language, believing it is not just for old systems, and would gladly teach anyone that asks.

She appears as a fairly tall woman with silver eyes; wavy, dark red hair and dresses in a silver gown over a metallic blue bodysuit. Her gown is held up to knee length with garters attached to her belt so she can run without ripping her dress. She carries around a toolbox, and her weapon of choice is a ray gun. Her hobby is assembling and fixing electronics, which she works on in her machine shop. She lives as an independent OS-tan, and has a daughter -- KolibriOS-tan-- who is the first bit of true family she ever had, and is always happy to see her whenever she gets the chance to.

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