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Character information
Common name TinyOS-tan
First appearance 2010
Height 125 cm (4'1")
Hair color Dark blue
Eye color Blue
Weapon(s) Plasma rifle
Faction Confederation of Independent OS-tans
Lineage Independent
Technical information
System personified All releases of TinyOS
Developer(s) TinyOS Alliance
Debut 2000
Latest release v.2.1.2 (20 Aug 2012)

Technical details

Tiny OS is an embedded OS used in wireless sensor networks, and other low-power devices. Development began in 1999 as an OS for sensor networks, and is programmed with a dialect of C that is optimized for low memory limits. Programs are built from software compoments that are connected to each other instead of being monolithic. It was used in Estonia's first satellite, the ESTCube-1.

Character details


TinyOS-tan is represented as a short young girl with short dark blue hair in pigtails, and wears a long-sleeved black jumpsuit with black boots, a short-sleeved white overcoat, and a white helmet with a built-in wireless communicator. Her helmet has a pair of blue stripes on it, and her outfit has square-shaped blue accents on it.

She is very efficient with resources, and uses her skills to operate sensor networks in scattered locations. She is very loyal, but very short-tempered, and often on edge, anticipating the next enemy to fight. Although she is generally a loner, she has great communication skills, and is friends with VxWorks-tan, and loves to hear of her latest adventures in space.


She is usually accompanied by fragments of programs as her familiars, that can link together to operate as one, referencing the non-monolithic structure of TinyOS programs. She can also use the sensors she built as warp points to warp from place to place. Her familiars can assist her in combat, but she also wields a plasma rifle.

OSC Notes

History and background

In the Annex Project, TinyOS-tan is in the Confederation of Independent OS-tans, and joined them early in her life to further utilize her skills. Her proudest achievement was her trip into space, which she worked alongside FreeRTOS-tan to achieve, in a mission to develop an electric sail. She used the experience to develop satellites for the CIOST.