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Master Control Program
Character information
Common name Master Control Program
Also known as MCP
Human name(s) Margaret Burroughs
First appearance Early 2010
Height low 6' range
Hair color Burgundy
Eye color Orange-brown
Weapon(s) N/A
Faction Mainframe Guild
Lineage Burroughs
Rival(s) N/A
Technical information
System personified Master Control Program
Developer(s) Burroughs
Debut Circa 1961
Latest release 13.0 / Q1, 2010

Technical details

One of the oldest currently-maintained operating systems, MCP started life as a proprietary OS for Burroughs' large-scale systems. It was notable for its open source model, implementation of virtual memory and being written in high-level language in a time when most OSes were written in assembly language. Today MCP can be found running on Unisys mainframe systems.

Character details

MCP-tan is depicted as a tall, heavy-set woman, with a dark complexion, burgundy hair and orange-brown eyes. It's hard to say what her exact hairdo or style of dress is - unlike many vintage OS-tans, she is a very trend-conscious woman and tends to change her fashion often to keep up with the latest styles.

MCP-tan is known for her direct way of dealing with people and pragmatic personality; combined with her extreme self-reliance and hard-working work ethic, many people mistake her as introverted or uninterested in friendship. In reality she is a personable woman, but often gets too wrapped up in her professional life to have time for a social one. One of her closest friends is CANDE-kun, who works as her assistant.

Family and Relationships

History and background