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This is the OS-tan character for Windows 2000, for her OS-kun counterpart, see 2k-kun.

Windows 2000-tan
Character information
Common name Windows 2000-tan
Also known as Windows 2000 Professional, Win2k, Advanced Server, NT 5.0
First appearance Unknown
Height *none listed officially
Hair color blue
Eye color blue
Faction Windows Family
Lineage WinNT
Technical information
System personified Windows 2000 Professional, Server and Advanced Server
Developer(s) Microsoft
Debut 17 Feb 2000
Latest release v5.0 SP4 Rollup 1 (13 Sep 2005)

Technical details

Released in 2000 as the successor to Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 was marketed as the most reliable and secure version of Windows to date; a fact that generally held true as far as reliability goes, but unfortunately, its security was quickly compromised by many major viruses being created for it. As a result, although it was succeeded by Windows XP for desktops and Windows Server 2003 for servers, Microsoft continued to release security patches for it regularly until they ended support on 13 July 2010; over 10 years after the original release.

It is worth noting that there was plans for a home edition, codename Neptune, but it only saw a few test builds before being dissolved into Windows XP

Character details

General description

The personification for Windows 2000 was one of the first characters created. A few variants exist, but the most common is 2k-tan, the personification for Windows 2000 Professional. She is typically drawn as an intelligent, professional, reserved looking woman with short blue hair, glasses, and hairclips that resemble cat ears flanking a small white bonnet or ruffle, similar to maid's hairclip that shows the windows logo. The cat ear-shaped hairclips are a pun: "2K" in Japanese is "Ni-Ke", the meowing sound in Japanese is "nya", so she is also known as "Nya-ke".

Her outfit resembles a swimsuit suggesting the Windows logo colors, and she wears a blue long coat.

This is thought to reflect the opinion that Windows 2000 is the most stable, dependable, and balanced system. She often acts like the older sister or dependable woman among the Windows-tans and is one of the domain controllers for this reason. In addition, because of the greater stability of Win2K compared with WinME (which was released around the same time), 2K-tan is often described as a guardian of ME-tan.

The blue in the picture in her 100x100 px avatar is close to the default Windows 2000 desktop colour.

An alternate design, playing on the punny name of "Nya-ke" shows 2K-tan having real cat ears and a tail (instead of mechanical cat ear-shaped hair clips), matching her swimsuit, gloves and boots.

Family life and relationships

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