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Character information
Common name Neptune-tan
Also known as The Reaper
Human name(s) ?
First appearance 2007
Height ?
Hair color Light blue
Eye color Unknown
Weapon(s) Longsword, combat knife
Faction Wanderer Class
Lineage WinNT
Technical information
System personified Microsoft Neptune
Developer(s) Microsoft
Debut December 27, 1999
Latest release NT 5.50.5111 (Dec 27 1999)
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Technical details

Microsoft Neptune entered development in 1999; with the intention of being a home edition of Windows 2000, as a successor to Windows 98. After only a few test builds, Neptune was scrapped; with Windows ME being released to tide over customers, while Neptune was merged with Odyssey (The planned successor to Windows 2000 for businesses, which never made it past the concept stages) were merged to form a new project known as Whistler, which became what we know today as Windows XP.

Character details

Neptune is portrayed as being very cold and hate-filled; brought on by her abandonment so early in her training. As a result of this, she has a hatred of ME-tan for being her "unworthy replacement" and of 2k-tan for being what she could no longer hope to be: successful and loved. She was at one time known under the alias of "The Reaper"; an assassin for hire who is most commonly given the task of hunting down and killing those whom are deemed obsolete, although she's been known to target anybody who finds out too much information about her true identity and past.

She has two different appearances; the most commonly seen one in artwork has her resembling an android from the online game Phantasy Star Online. She is easily recognized by the visor she wears, and a Shinto O-fuda demon-protection charm being used to keep her banished from the real world. As the Reaper, she wears a cat suit with combat boots, with the handle of a small dagger sticking out of the side of the right boot, and a motorcycle helmet with a dark tinted visor to hide her identity.