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Emacs and all related variants
Character information
Common name Emacs and all related variants
Also known as Editing Macros
Human name(s) Evan MacIntyre
First appearance 2008
Height 5'11"
Hair color Chocolate brown
Eye color Dark brown
Weapon(s) n/a
Faction Roots in the MIT, is unaligned and in the Wanderer Class
Lineage TECO
Rival(s) Vi
Technical information
System personified Emacs and all varients
Developer(s) Originally Richard Stallman, now the GNU Project
Debut Circa 1976
Latest release Version 24.1, 2012

Technical details

Initially developed at the MIT AI Laboratory but spun off into dozens of distinct varients, Emacs is a family of real-time text editors known for their extensible and customizable nature. Today, the most popular version is GNU Emacs, although XEmacs is also extensively used.

Character details


Physically, Emacs-kun is depicted as a man of average height and physical build, neither thin nor chubby. He is described as being handsome, with elegant, almost androgynous, features; his eyes are dark brown and his hair is similarly-colored, wavy and just a little above shoulder-length. His preferred style of dress is relaxed-but-crisp, preferring dress shirts and pants, sweaters, sportscoats and scarves.

Like many hacker-originating OS-tans, Emacs-kun is highly-educated, people-oriented and views sharing and communality as a personal moral obligation. He is well-known as an author and his style of speaking and writing is generally eloquent, even if somewhat flowery. His affable nature and articulate style have gained him large numbers of followers, whose support for him occasionally borders on zeal. He enjoys this attention and has even made a mock-religion out of it, calling his fan-following the "Church of Emacs" and creating a number of tongue-in-cheek rites and rituals.

Emacs-kun is prone to excess, particularly when it comes to food and drink, rich foods and sweets being especially tempting to him. He has a reputation for deeply romantic and a rather prolific ladies' man, but there are few confirmed relationships involving Emacs.

Family and Relationships

His father is TECO-kun, and adoptive mothers are ITS-tan and PDP-10-tan.

Although Emacs-kun is aquatinted to a large number of OS-tans and near-universally friendly, he is most comfortable among hacker types, both of Unix- and non-Unix heritage. However, Vi-kun supplanted his position as the de-facto Unix editor-kun sometime in the 1980s, sparking a rivalry that lasts to this day.

Emacs-kun is said to have had a number of affairs with high-profile OS-tans, but only Emacs/Multics is confirmed in various OSC fanon and storyline proposals. While it seems like they have little in common due to very different backgrounds and goals, closer inspection of their personal histories and character traits reveal that they are, in fact, quite alike - from their status as world-travelers, sociable natures, love of the aesthetically- and sensually-pleasing, to the frequent criticism they face for being over-complicated and long-standing feuds with nimbler rivals. [1]

History and background

Emacs-kun was born in 1976. While he is genetically derived from TECO-kun, ITS and PDP-10-tan raised him for the most part. He was able to secure a high level of popularity in the dominant computer-subcultures of the 1970s and 80s, becoming equally-lauded among the hackers of MIT and Stanford, and later on, the Unix Hacker community. His popularity also extended to Multics-tan and her followers, though his association with the baroque, closed-source and heavily-corporate mainframe-tan raised the ire of some of his followers. Nevertheless, his time spent with Multics was one of the greatest periods of personal growth for him, as her avid following adopted him quite readily and taught him skill-sets he probably wouldn't have otherwise learned.

Unlike many of his peers, he was able to weather the destruction of Elder Days Hacker community - later on the near-destruction of the Unices during the Unix Wars. In fact, he seemed to capitalize on both, as they ultimately led him to team up with the Linux-tans, who managed to prosper in the power vacuum left at the end of the Unix Wars. Today, he is mostly associated with the Linux and Open-Source Unix communities, though he is known to interact with every modern faction in existence - even if only tangentially.

Theories and notes