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DEC Rainbow 100
Character information
Common name DEC Rainbow 100
Also known as Rainbow
Human name(s) Rain Decker
First appearance Spring 2011
Height 148 cm (4'10")
Hair color pink
Eye color blue
Weapon(s) DEC military sword
Faction Wanderer Class, formerly of the DEC Military
Lineage DEC, own branch (home computer division)
Rival(s) MS-DOS and PC-DOS (wanted to be their friend yet saw them as rivals at the same time)
Technical information
System personified DEC Rainbow 100 hardware and software
Developer(s) Digital Equipment Corporation
Debut 1982
Latest release unknown, discontinued mid-80's.

Technical details

The Rainbow 100 series was DEC's attempt at the home computer market, but wasn't very successful. It mainly runs either CP/M or MS-DOS, but hardware differences meant that the Rainbow versions weren't completely IBM compatible.

Character details


Rainbow 100-tan is represented as a pre-teen girl with pink hair decorated with several ribbons, is proudly a girly-girl and dresses colourfully. Her hair ribbons are red, orange, yellow and green, her eyes are blue, and she wears a frilly purple dress. Over her dress, she wears the jacket of her DEC cadet uniform out of nostalgia towards the old DEC faction. She never got promoted from cadet rank, but she enjoyed being around most of her comrades despite her personal and tactical struggles.

She wants to be professional, conforming to IBM PC standards while still being a non-conformist, many times trying to solve that, among other dilemmas by trying to have it both ways.

Recently, she has been able to reconcile with her identity crisis somewhat, and has a zen-like attitude towards life, she likes to write and draw; confident in both graphical and text work.

Family and relationships

History and background

She is the only home computer among the DECs, a faction otherwise entirely made of high-end minicomputers and mainframes. That left her struggling with an identity crisis and indecisiveness, being the odd one out.

Being the only home computer in the faction didn't make her inherently inferior to her comrades, she just served in and led in a different sector than the rest of them. She was the leader (read: sole member) of DEC's home computer sector even as a cadet, she was to expand DEC's influence into the home computer territory, and she needed to follow different standards than the rest of the DECs. There was practically no one in the faction who could give her any guidance for how to follow those different standards, so she was on her own.

Mainly business-oriented, her main competitors were MS-DOS, PC-DOS, and Apple II. She sought out to follow the industry standards created by MS-DOS and PC-DOS, but didn't completely follow their standards out of the fear of losing her identity. Her attempt at a compromise didn't do her any good.

Her identity crisis left her with a confused and wishy-washy attitude, she couldn't carry out any campaigns with confidence. Many of her campaigns failed, she gained little territory for DEC from the IBM PCs, and she never got promoted. She was discharged from service around 1985, and spent much of her life afterwards living as a Wanderer.

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