Macintosh System 2

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Macintosh System 2-tan
Character information
Common name Mac OS2-tan
Also known as System 2, Mac OS2, "Ahiru-chan"
First appearance Oct. 2006
Height 127 cm (4'2")
Hair color black
Eye color silver
Faction House of Mac
Lineage Classic Mac
Technical information
System personified Macintosh System 2
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Debut April 1985
Latest release v2.1 (September 1985)

Technical details

Macintosh System 2 was released in April 1985, and introduced support for Apple's early networking protocol, AppleTalk, and support for LaserWriter. System 2.0, like System 1, uses a flat file system, but System 2.1 has partial support for the Hierarchical File System.

System 2.0 introduced the Shut Down command, which was safer than turning off the power switch on the computer, and the New Folder command. It cannot multitask, but a feature called Minifinder was introduced to make switching from one program to another faster.

Character details

General description

Macintosh System 2-tan looks a lot like System 1-tan but has two straight side ponytails on her right side, and wears a grey dress with a pleated skirt, and wears a sash over her dress. She carries a Newspeak-to-Oldspeak dictionary with her, and brings puppets with her when presenting her lectures on literature and why old technology is better. The puppets serve to keep to keep her family's attention.

Despite thinking that old technology is better, she introduced some innovations. She is observant, witty, and intelligent; also more calm and stable than System 1-tan, but is uptight and does not tolerate getting ignored. Like System 4-tan, she has an inferiority complex, but usually does not handle it constructively, and is prone to verbal aggression when ignored for too long.

She gets along best with Apple II-tan, Macintosh System 1-tan, Macintosh System 4-tan, Mac OSX Panther-tan and Mac OSX Leopard-tan.

Family and relationships

Like most of the early Mac-tans, System 2-tan has also been retired or semi-retired for years, but maintained a supporting role. She gets along well with most of her family, but is frustrated over being frequently misunderstood or ignored when she gives advice, and is frustrated by family conflicts that emerge, and tries to avoid getting caught in them. She has an inferiority complex from feeling overshadowed by System 1-tan for being the first of the Classic Mac-tans, and System 3-tan for making more innovations she did. She did not immediately get along with System 3-tan since she was jealous over System 3-tan's achievements, and felt like her own were not enough during the short time she was the current Mac OS version.

This also reflects how Macintosh System 2 is one of the least used Mac OSes, was current for less than a year, and was supported only on the first two Macintosh models (the 128k and 512k) which could easily upgraded to System 3. These same two Macs also support System 1 which may actually be used less than System 2 but has a legacy for being the first, and the history behind it.


She is a fast runner owing to System 2's significant speed boost compared to System 1, and contributed to the Mac House (then Apple Family)'s desktop publishing legacy. She is frail and not suited for combat, but she is resourceful and can quickly retrieve information to help her sisters. She has become a decent tactician, and became a medic in case of a virus-tan attack.

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