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Macintosh System 3-tan
Character information
Common name Mac OS3-tan
Also known as System 3
First appearance Oct. 2006
Height 130 cm (4'3")
Hair color black with multicolor streaks
Eye color silver
Faction House of Mac
Lineage Classic Mac
Technical information
System personified Macintosh System 3.0-3.3*
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Debut January 16 1986
Latest release v3.3 (January 1987)

Technical details

Macintosh System 3 (System 3.0-3.3, Finder 5) was released along with the Mac Plus on 16 Jan, 1986 and introduced several new technologies to the Mac OS- SCSI, ADB support, Hypercard and the Hierarchical File System (HFS, allowed for there to be actual folders which could be put in another as opposed to the previous file system where there was only one level of folders).

System 3.1 is infamous for how buggy it was; known to have at least 30 bugs, and System 3.2 was released to get rid of them.

*There is a separate character representing Macintosh System 3.4, which uses Finder 6.1.

Character details

General description

Macintosh System 3-tan is represented as a girl with long black hair with multicolored streaks, and wears a colorful outfit consisting of a green hat, yellow scarf, orange dress with white sleeves, red+purple striped socks and sapphire slippers. She has a very cheerful, friendly and outgoing personality, is a great networker, gets along with all of her sisters and other relatives.

Her favorite activities are shopping and making simple electronic gadgets. She is more efficient at work than her predecessors, but she is klutzy, has a huge fear of bugs and is one of the least stable Mac-tans, referencing System 3.1's buggyness.

Family and relationships

She is very fond of Mac OS9-kun who she loves in a platonic way, and is generally diplomatic towards the Windows-tans when their families have meetings, as she is eager to try and get along with everyone who is approachable. However, she has a rivalry with fellow klutz ME-tan because she knows that ME-tan likes OS9-kun as well. Ironically, System 3-tan and ME-tan have a lot in common and could be good friends if it weren't for their feuding over OS9-kun.

Of her relatives, she gets along best with Macintosh System 4-tan, Mac OS 8-tan, Mac OS 9-tan, and Mac OSX Tiger-tan.


Other Notes

Her love of bright colors, and wearing such a colorful outfit originated due to an error on her creator's behalf, who read somewhere that System 3.0 was the first Mac OS version to support color, when it turned out it was actually System 4.0. Despite originating from an error, her character design was still kept, especially to set herself apart from her less-daring predecessors!

History and background

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