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Macintosh System 4-tan
Character information
Common name Macintosh System 4-tan
Also known as System 4, Mac OS4
First appearance Oct. 2006
Height 132 cm (4'4")
Hair color black
Eye color silver
Faction House of Mac, Binteeji Renmei (semi-retired)
Lineage Classic Mac
Technical information
System personified Macintosh System 4.0-4.1, possibly also 4.2
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Debut 2 Mar 1987
Latest release v4.1 (April 1987) or 4.2 (Oct 1987)

Technical details

First released along with the Macintosh SE and the Macintosh II series is Macintosh System 4. This was the first Mac OS version to exclude a Mac model (does not support the original 128k), and 4.1 also dropped support for the 512k Mac. No major features were introduced in 4.0 or 4.1, aside from supporting disk drives larger than 32 MB.

System 4.2 introduced Multifinder, which allows cooperative multitasking.

Character details

General description

System 4-tan is represented having a 4-theme to her appearance, having 4 pigtails and 4 cowlicks, wearing a green minidress with a 4 printed on it, wearing a grey denim jacket with 4 buttons on it, having glasses (the expression 4 eyes comes to mind) and having a height of 4'4 [132 cm].

She is friendly, cheerful and carefree, but rather fussy at times, since System 4 was the first Mac OS to exclude a Mac model. However, despite her cheerfulness, she hides feelings of envy as well as an inferiority complex because she isn't good at multitasking (if she's capable at all), is less well-known than nearly all of them, and simply feels like she's unremarkable and unlucky. Despite that, she is usually able to keep a positive attitude and happily interact with her sisters.

Family and relationships

For a long time, System 4's lack of support for the original Mac used to be a point of arguments between her and System 1-tan, since System 1-tan saw what System 4-tan did as being disrespectful to the Mac lineage. She is also a surprisingly big eater, which System 1-tan considers wasteful and improper, but has gotten less strict about it over the years.

System 4.2-tan?

See Macintosh System 4.2.

System 4-tan mainly represents Systems 4.0 and 4.1, but may also represent System 4.2, but other interpretations place System 4.2 as being a separate character, though that character has mostly fallen out of continuity.

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