Macintosh System 4

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Macintosh System 4-tan
Character information
Common name Macintosh System 4-tan
Also known as System 4, Mac OS4
First appearance Oct. 2006
Height 132 cm (4'4")
Hair color black
Eye color silver
Faction House of Mac, Binteeji Renmei (semi-retired)
Lineage Classic Mac
Technical information
System personified Macintosh System 4.0-4.1 (System Software 2), may also represent 4.2-4.3 (System Software 5.0 + 5.1)
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Debut January 1987
Latest release v4.1 (2 Mar 1987) or 4.3 (Nov 1987)

Technical details

Macintosh System 4 was released in January 1987. This was the first Mac OS version to exclude a Mac model, by dropping support for the original Macintosh (128K), though upgraded 128Ks could still be supported by 4.0. System 4.1 was released alongside the Macintosh II and Macintosh SE, and dropped support for the 128K and 512K. System 4.1 was the first version to support color, and was released along with the Macintosh II.

System 4.2 introduced Multifinder, which allows cooperative multitasking, and the Color feature to add color outlines to icons.

Character details

General description

System 4-tan is represented as a girl with glasses and short black hair. Her appearance a 4-theme to it, having 4 cowlicks in her hair, wearing a shirt with a 4 printed on it, a jacket with 4 buttons on it, and her height is 4 feet, 4 inches.

She wears a green shirt with an orange belt, red skirt, white boots and black leggings. She also wears a grey jacket, and some accessories that are in black and white, and she has black hair and silver eyes as a reflection of how System 4.1 and 4.2 can support color, but the interface such as the menus and icons are all in black and white.

She is friendly, cheerful and carefree, but rather fussy at times. She is usually rather quiet and unassuming, hides feelings of envy, and an inferiority complex because she may not be able to multitask (and cannot if she only represents System 4.0 and 4.1), and does not believe that she innovated very much compared to her predecessor or her successor. Despite this, she is usually able to keep a positive attitude and happily interact with her sisters, and she takes pride in the hardware innovations she helped introduce.

Family and relationships

System 4-tan has always admired Apple II-tan and GS/OS-tan, and wanted to be as innovative and adventurous as they were, owing to how the Macintosh II was inspired by the Apple II line, and was the first Mac to support color. System 4-tan did not care for the closed off architecture of the original Mac and its official lack of expandability.

This caused her to clash with System 1-tan, System 2-tan, and System 3-tan at first. They could accept Apple II-tan and GS/OS-tan having more open viewpoints about hardware, but they believed that Mac-tans are supposed to only support closed-off hardware. She also clashed with System 1-tan due to being a big eater, which System 1-tan considered inefficient, but has gotten less strict about these over the years. She gets along with them now, but it took some time.

She gets along best with the quieter Mac-tans such as System 2-tan, System 5-tan, System 7-tan, and OSX Puma-tan.

Like with most of the early Mac-tans, she has been retired or semi-retired for years.

Other notes

System 4-tan mainly represents Systems 4.0 and 4.1 (System Software 2, Finder 5), but may also represent System 4.2 and 4.3 (System Software 5, Finder 6.0). When System 4-tan is interpreted as only representing 4.0 and 4.1, System 5-tan will represent System 4.2 and 4.3 along with the non-existent System 5.

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