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Macintosh System 5-tan
Character information
Common name Mac OS5-tan
Also known as Phantom of the Macintosh
First appearance Oct. 2006
Height 163 cm (5'4")
Hair color purple
Eye color pink (right), silver (left)
Faction House Of Mac, Binteeji Renmei (semi-retired)
Lineage Classic Mac
Technical information
System personified Macintosh System 5, may also represent System Software 5 (System 4.2+Finder 6.0)
Developer(s) Apple
Debut 8 Oct 1987 (System Software 5), System 5 doesn't exist.
Latest release System Software 5.1 (System 4.3 + Finder 6.0)

Technical Details

Macintosh System 5 doesn't exist- the Mac OS skipped from System 4.2 (part of System Software 5.x) to System 6.0, so that the version numbers in System Software 6 and onwards would be matched up.

System Software 5 introduced Multifinder; an alternate Finder that allows for co-operative multitasking, a color interface and labels.

Character Details


This character mainly represents System 5, but may also represent System Software 5 as well.

This more common appearance as Mac System 5-tan is a phantom, invisible to those outside the Mac family, her existence is believed to only be an urban legend by outsiders. She can only be seen by the Classic Macs, plus A/UX and the early OSXs due to their compatibility with the Classic Mac.

She has dark purple hair in a ponytail, topped with a leaf-shaped cowlick, carries a magic wand, wears long opera-style gloves, boots, a dark cape, a frilly dress; her dresses are Victorian-esque, multi-layered, are mainly white or grey with hints of color; she is also much taller than her older sisters (31 cm taller than System 4-tan), since System 4.2 is much larger in size than its predecessors. She dresses fancier than most of her sisters, but doesn't have a larger appetite, since 4.2 doesn't have increased hardware requirements despite the 5-fold increase in size. The magic wand she carries is in the style of a traditional magician's wand, stylized with Classic elements to it; it also represents Multifinder and usually uses magic for the purpose of multitasking

She is a talented magician, fortune-teller, organ player and prankster who especially likes pranking outsiders. Personality-wise, she is friendly, playful and loves to joke around, but feels lonely when others visit because they can't see her.

Alternate Character Interpretation

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