Macintosh System 7

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Macintosh System 7
Character information
Common name Macintosh System 7
Also known as Blue, Capone, Pleiades
First appearance 2006
Height 170 cm (5'7")
Hair color dark blue
Eye color green
Weapon(s) katana, bombs
Faction House of Mac
Lineage Classic Mac
Rival(s) Windows 95
Technical information
System personified Macintosh System 7.x
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Debut 13 May 1991
Latest release Mac OS 7.6.1 (7 Apr 1997)

Technical Details

Considered by most to be the first major change to the Mac OS is Macintosh System 7, among its new changes are a trash can that keeps all files until until the user chooses to empty the trash, a full-fledged and more customizable Apple Menu that allows the user to put more than just Desk Accessories in it, support color icons and custom icons, full color interface, use virtual memory, support more than 8 MB of RAM, introduced the Balloon Help feature. Multifinder, the enhanced version of the Finder that allows for cooperative multitasking is always on. On the flip side, System 7 is confirmed to be slower than System 6, doesn't work at all with programs that don't work under Multifinder, and with Multifinder always on, stability may be compromised.

Character details


System 7-tan has long dark blue hair with green eyes, her hair is topped with a green 7-shaped cowlick, she wears glasses, a blue pinstriped suit with a rainbow Apple tie and black boots. Her blue outfit, hair, and being a blues singer are a reference to System 7's first codename of Blue. Her being a former 1920's-style gangster and wearing a pinstriped suit are references to System 7.5's codename of Capone. After overcoming her depression, she is still stoic and non-chalant, but a lot more confident, but in a more constructive way than the confidence she had in her youth. She still wields the katana she used before and during the OS Wars; after the defeat she suffered, she lost interest and practice in it for years, but learned to keep training, wielding it more artfully and responsibly than before as a form of self-discipline.

Family and relationships

Macintosh System 7.5

There is a separate character representing only System 7.5.x, who in OSC-based continuity was System 7-tan's second-in-command during the OS Wars. After 7.5-tan left, it is System 7-tan who still keeps in contact with her the most.

Mac OSX-kuns

She's not really a supporter of their antics, but she respects them, and admires their carefree spirits; in turn, they exempt her from their antics.

Windows 95

System 7-tan and Windows 95-tan used to be arch-nemeses, with System 7-tan having been determined to do everything in her power to defeat her but failed. For years she yearned for revenge against her to restore her honor within her family. While 95-tan still considers her to be her sworn enemy, System 7-tan has no longer felt the need for revenge.

Windows Family

She prefers not to attend the Windows-Mac family meetings because she doesn't want to risk instigating new or old hostilities again.