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Character information
Common name GS/OS-tan
Also known as Apple IIGS, "Phoenix", "Rambo", "Cortland"
Human name(s) Phoenix Appletree (Western), Phoenix Ringo (Japanese)
First appearance circa 1986 (IIGS)
Height 175 cm (5'9")
Hair color brown
Eye color blue
Weapon(s) bladed weapons
Faction Binteeji Renmei, formerly of the Apple Family
Lineage Pre-Macintosh
Rival(s) Amiga (formerly), Atari TOS (somewhat civil), A/UX, Macintosh System 5 and Macintosh System 6 (friendly rivalries)
Technical information
System personified GS/OS (OS), Apple IIGS (hardware)
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Debut 1986 (ProDOS 16), September 1988 (GS/OS)
Latest release 1993 (GS/OS 6.0.1), 2017 (GS/OS 6.0.4)

Technical details

GS/OS was released in 1988 to be a full-featured OS for the Apple IIGS, replacing the more limited ProDOS 16. The last official release of GS/OS was GS/OS System 6.0.1 in 1993, but it also had 3 unofficial releases of 6.0.2 - 6.0.4 between 2015 and 2017.

Character details


GS/OS-tan is represented as a tall, winged girl with curly brown hair, blue eyes and wears striped clothing with brown work boots. She has phoenix wings in reference to Phoenix being one of the Apple IIGS's codenames.

Her hair is decorated with two leaf-shaped cowlicks on the left side of her head, and sometimes she also has a rainbow apple on her head (with a "][" labeled on it) akin to the apple that Mac-tan often has on her head. She may either wear an Edo-era farmer outfit like Apple II-tan's, but with a shirt that is light blue with white pinstripes, or she wears a blue and white striped top with long red pants, green and black striped arm warmers, and an orange and white striped scarf. Her outfits all feature stripes because of the extensive use of stripes in ProDOS 16's and GS/OS's GUIs.

She has a more serious personality than Apple II-tan, but enjoys her stories. She is a musician, and plays an electric guitar. She is also talented at translation work, and can read books and files in various languages, referencing GS/OS's file system translators that translated various disk formats so they could be used.

Family and relationships

Apple II

She looks up to Apple II-tan as her mentor and one of her closest friends. GS/OS-tan works alongside her with many tasks, but often worries about disappointing her, since the Apple IIGS was not as commercially successful. Apple II-tan is good at assuring her that she is not disappointing her. Apple II-tan was patient and helped a young GS/OS-tan, then ProDOS 16-tan complete the training that she needed. GS/OS-tan maintained her combat skills to help protect Apple II-tan from danger, because Apple II-tan chose to stop fighting.


She had some admiration for the early Mac-tans, and the early Mac-tans had some admiration for her, but they sometimes saw each other as their competitors. The IIGS introduced features that would be added to the Macintosh line later, such as color support being added to the Macintosh in 1987 with the release of the Macintosh II. She has friendly rivalries with Macintosh System 4-tan, System 5-tan and System 6-tan due to how GS/OS strongly resembles them.


GS/OS-tan is skilled in melee combat, and is physically very strong, and can fly, but is a slow runner. She wields bladed weapons, in particular the same style of knives wielded by Rambo, in reference to Rambo being another of the IIGS's codenames. She can also use fire-based magic.

History and background

GS/OS-tan was also ProDOS 16-tan, and debuted in 1986 along with the release of the IIGS. She was always a talented musician owing to the advanced sound capabilities of the IIGS, and often worked alongside Apple II-tan, but as ProDOS 16-tan, she was inefficient at it, and required a lot of training, and a lot of assistance from Apple II-tan with most tasks. Her training was incomplete because she needed to debut along with the IIGS. The first version of ProDOS 16 was slow and inefficient because it translated all software calls into ProDOS 8 calls, and was not fully written with 16-bit code.

By September 1987, she was more self-sufficient, corresponding to first GS System Software version to use the IIGS Finder. In September 1988, she became GS/OS-tan.

She left the Mac House along with Apple II-tan and Lisa-tan in 1993, and were wanderers until they helped co-found the Vintage Federation. While she was living with Apple II-tan and Lisa-tan as wanderers, Amiga-tan often visited them. GS/OS-tan distrusted Amiga-tan since Amiga-tan was one of her competitors, and she did not understand why Apple II-tan wanted to cooperate with her. It took some convincing by her and Apple II-tan that Amiga-tan wanted to cooperate with them about how Apple II-tan's orchards that she still owned could be the future site of a new faction to help displaced OS-tans in need. This led to the founding of the Vintage Federation, circa 1997.