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Technical details

This lineage started with Apple's first computer, the Apple I, followed by its direct descendants, the Apple II and III. The Lisa counts as part of this lineage indirectly, as its OS is partly based off of the Apple III's- SOS. Although GS/OS (and Apple IIGS) debuted after the Mac (and influenced by it), they are included as being the 16-bit versions of the earlier Apple II hardware and OS. Of the original Apple series, it was the Apple II (8- and 16-bit) that lasted the longest, introduced in 1977, and co-existed with the Mac for several years until being discontinued in 1993 while the Apple III was introduced in 1980, but was a flop.

The Classic Mac is a different platform altogether, but is partly related, being influenced by the Lisa's and Apple III's OSes.


Apple I-tan is the mother of Apple II, III, Lisa, and is the de-facto mother figure to Macintosh System 1 and GS/OS (Apple I died before they were born but still revere her). Lisa and System 1 are half-sisters to the other early Apples. Apple I-tan did not live very long (dying in 1979, shortly before System 1-tan was born), so it was Apple II-tan who was the most influential, and for years was the breadwinner, in part because of Apple III's and Lisa's lack of success, but she does not hold their failures against them.

With the debut of the Macs, the early Apples/Pre-Macs welcomed them into the Apple Family.

Traits and abilities

There isn't much of a unified set of traits for this lineage, varying a lot in height, hair color, combat abilities and trades specialized in. The most major contrast is outgoingness and ruggedness of Apple I and Apple II (highly open architecture) compared to the more posh Apple III and Lisa (closed architecture), and GS/OS takes the middle ground.

All of them have some skill with making crafts, and have some penchant for telling stories; even Lisa-tan, who still doesn't talk anymore, but expresses herself in poetry.

  • Apple I-tan specialized in woodworking and teaching hobbyists.
  • Apple II-tan specializes in planting apple orchards, and telling witty stories, and teaching in general. She is also skilled in martial arts.
  • Apple III-tan does metal work and pyrotechnics, and can fight using melee weapons.
  • Lisa-tan specializes in writing poetry and drawing.
  • GS/OS-tan is a painter, musician, and excels at ninjutsu.


All of the Pre-Macintosh-tans were of the Apple Family, founded by Apple I and II, mostly led by II-tan since I-tan's death. Apple III-tan ran away from home in 1984 and has lived as a wanderer since then. Apple II, Lisa and GS/OS left the Apple Family in 1993 and went on to be three of the co-founders of the Binteeji Renmei.