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Apple I-tan
Character information
Common name Apple I-tan
Also known as I-okaasan
First appearance Apr 2007
Height 150 cm (4'11")
Hair color brown
Eye color blue-green
Faction Deceased (died 1979), was of the Apple Family
Lineage Pre-Macintosh
Technical information
System personified Apple I
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Debut 1976
Latest release N/A (discontinued late 1977)

Technical details

Apple I-tan personifies the Apple I, a limited production circuit board computer for electronics hobbyists which pioneered many features that made the subsequent Apple II a commercial success. About 200 were made, many of which were destroyed in 1978 when users traded in their Apple I for an Apple II at a discounted price for practicality reasons; the Apple I had no tech support except for Woz. Only 30-50 Apple Is survive and sell for tens of thousands of dollars now. The highest-selling Apple I, complete with packaging and documents, sold for $210,000 (£133,250). The system lives on through emulation, and functioning Apple I replicas currently being made and sold.

Character details

She is depicted as a young hippy woman in her late teens, with long brown hair decorated with flowers, green eyes, patchy earth-colored clothing, and wood paraphernalia. In addition to having a maternal disposition, she is also considered to be open-minded and idealistic, optimistic in the success of her offspring in leading the personal computer revolution. Owing to the wood theme, Apple I-tan was originally depicted as a living doll (similar to a Rozen Maiden), although a later rendition seemingly depicts her as a regular woman of average height.

Apple I-tan is considered the de-facto mother of the entire Apple Family, despite the fact that the Macintosh and OSX lines are not directly related to the original Apple computer line. She is also a deceased character, owing to the fact that few of the actual Apple I units have survived in working condition to this day, and thus has no active user following to keep the original system alive, but her death is mainly for storyline purposes. Apple II-tan, Apple III-tan and Lisa-tan were the only Apple-tans to have known her in life (although the latter was too young to remember); thus given her proximity to her mother, Apple II-tan carries an apple-shaped pendant with an old black white photo of Apple I-tan in remembrance.

History and background

In her youth and before she had any daughters, Apple I-tan was somewhat of a prankster but often felt lonely. Her first daughter was her direct successor, Apple II-tan. Her other two daughters she knew while still alive were Apple III-tan her half-sister Lisa-tan. Mac System 1-tan, however, was born shortly after Apple I-tan died. Of her daughters, she had to spend the most time with Apple II-tan, who was already wise beyond her years, to teach her the things that would ensure a better future for present and future generations of the Apple Family, and to carry on family traditions.

Referencing the 1978 Apple I trade-ins, her health sharply declined at that point, and was hardly ever able to spend much time with Apple III and Lisa. She wanted to spend more time with each of them, and felt sad she couldn't; when she knew her time was almost up, she left to die alone as to trouble her daughters less over her death. Lisa-tan saw Apple I-tan outside in a field just minutes before her death and just before quietly passing away, Apple I-tan apologized to her for never have been able to spend more time with her.

Apple I-tan's body was preserved and kept in a secret mausoleum whose location was only known by Lisa-tan. The mausoleum was located somewhere in the original capital city of the Apple Family's territory until it got attacked by the Windows Family forces during the OS Wars. Fortunately, her body was safely relocated to a new mausoleum located in the territory's mountainside.

She still lives on in multiple ways (referencing the Apple I emulators and the Replica-1, the legalized Apple I-clone), with dedicated followers carrying on her hopes and dreams and that Apple I-tan herself is alive again though as a ghost that no one can see or hear but she is happy to watch over all of her descendants.

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