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Mac OSX 10.3 Panther-tan
Character information
Common name Mac OSX 10.5-tan
Also known as Tiger-tan
First appearance Nijiura.com
Technical information
System personified Mac OS X 10.3
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Debut October 24, 2002
Latest release v10.3.9 (April 15, 2005)

Personifying Apple's fourth major release of Mac OSX, Panther is easily recognized as being the only dark-skinned Mac-tan and in fact one of the few such OS-tans of color. This is due to the co-personification of the actual feline panther, hence the reason why nearly all proposed Panther-tan designs featured a dark-skinned character.

The depicted image is the most recognized of the OSX Panther-tan designs, in line with the other Nijiura.com OSX-tans by the same artists. Perhaps in part due to the greater refinement of the system, Panther-tan is depicted as an elegant and refined woman (in the same vein as Mac OS9-tan) with blue hair, orange eyes and black panther ears. She wears a blue, sleeveless, ballroom-style dress that drapes down to her feet and conceals her panther tail. In addition, she also wears gray opera length gloves and a red ascot tie adorned by a glass Apple logo.

Despite the age of the system, there are still not enough pictures available to piece together a personality. However, all available depictions of Panther-tan suggest a friendly, classy and strong-willed disposition.

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