OSX Leopard

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Mac OS X Leopard
Character information
Common name Mac OS X Leopard
Also known as OS X 10.5, Pardus
Human name(s) Pardus Cupertino; Leona Macintosh
First appearance 2007
Height 5'4")
Hair color Varies
Eye color Varies
Weapon(s) Unknown
Faction House of Mac
Lineage Mac OS X, Unix
Rival(s) Various
Technical information
System personified Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard"
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Debut October 2007
Latest release 10.5.7, May 12 2009

Technical details

Mac OSX Leopard is the sixth version of Apple's OSX operating system line.

Character details


Aurora's Leopard-tan

Mac OSX 10.5, known as Leopard is the latest version of the Mac OS with a few different representations. The first known representation originated on +Nijiura+ and is a pink-haired leopard girl in a teal+black+white dress with a Time Machine logo brooch.

The second known one originated on OSC and is a teal-haired leopard girl with her hair usually in a ponytail with a black bow, wearing a futuristic outfit with a teal dress, silver boots and gloves and carries a Time Machine pocketwatch with her. This device is simply known as The Device, and she uses it for an abundance of different things, but most notably time travel; she can also use this to her advantage for warping from one place to another using the code network.

The third one also originated on +Nijiura+ and is a 'magical girl' Leopard-tan with short blue hair, wears a green+black+white minidress with a matching shawl with a Bootcamp logo brooch on it. She is also able to transform into XP-tan as a reference to Bootcamp and being able to boot into XP. Another accessory the 'magical girl' Leopard-tan often carries is a blue umbrella.

OSC Notes

+Nijura+ Leopard, now considered Leopard's child-self

Although these three renditions are very different in appearance and each with different personalities and abilities, on OSC they are all considered the same character throughout different ages and with her appearance changing when time-traveling. The blue-haired Leopard-tan is considered her past self, the teal-haired one as her present self and the pink-haired one as her future self. In many stories, OSX Snow Leopard is considered a far-future version of Leopard-tan who happened to time-travel back to (And get stranded in) the present day.

At least according to various OSC stories, Leopard-tan is a physics enthusiast and time-traveler whose intellect borders on genius. Fascinated with history, she goes back in time only to observes how things were in the past, with no intention or ability to change the past (referencing Leopard's Time Machine feature, which keeps the user's files archived as they were in the past).

History and Background

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