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Character information
Common name GENIAC-tan
Also known as GENIAC-chan, Genius Almost-Automatic Computer
Human name(s) Jeanie Berkeley
First appearance Jul 2008
Height 100 cm (3'3")
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Brown
Faction Binteeji Renmei
Lineage Independent
Technical information
System personified GENIAC series
Developer(s) Berkeley Enterprises
Debut 1955
Latest release 1959

Technical Details

The GENIAC is a toy computer sold from 1955 until the 1960's, and operated entirely through rotary switches. Three other variations were made: The Tyniac (Tiny Almost-Automatic Computer), Weeniac (Weeny Almost-Automatic Computer) and Brainiac (Brain-Imitating Almost-Automatic Computer).By some, it is considered to be one of the earliest personal computers.

Character Details


She is represented as a little girl, with an apparent age of 5 or 6 years old and has shoulder-length light brown hair, orange eyes and wears glasses, a cream-colored dress, a bonnet with perforated holes (akin to the brown discs on the GENIAC), and sometimes also wears a matching jacket. She is extremely intelligent but frail, puppet-like and cannot function on her own without a caretaker holding the strings and handle on her back. She likes to play simple games, with Tic-Tac-Toe being her favorite.

History and background

In her first year, GENIAC was brought to the military base SAGE was staying in. That was the first time SAGE ever saw a hobbyist/consumer computer-tan, and to this day is one of the few she doesn't look down upon at all. GENIAC quickly befriended SAGE, who was won over by her friendliness and quirkiness. The two had spent a lot of time playing together, and SAGE also served as her caregiver, but they were separated in 1957 when SAGE's training had begun.

GENIAC was upset about SAGE having to leave, but had friends to look after her until the early 60's. She was abandoned then for unknown reasons, her last friend may have been a child who outgrew the need for her as a friend, or moved away and couldn't take her with. For over 40 years she lied comatose in an attic until discovered by some other Vintage-tans and she was revived again. Happy at first but soon saddened and frightened after realizing that more than 40 years have passed and the world and friends she once knew are long gone. She also developed a terrible fear of going back to sleep, as she dreaded the thought of waking up another several decades later.

She now lives in the Binteeji Renmei, and is getting to know them better. She became best friends with EXEC, who volunteered to be her caretaker and also because EXEC-sama grew up in the same time period as her and because of that, they can talk to each other using words, imagery and memories that both can relate to. GENIAC-tan also likes to chat with C64-tan, (a fellow genius) but being unfamiliar with modern technology, GENIAC ends up asking more obstructive questions than giving out constructive answers!

After her revival, she also befriended Apple III-tan, who from their meeting considered joining the BR. In 2010, SAGE visited and was able to reunite with her childhood friend at last.

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