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Commodore 64
Character information
Common name Commodore 64
Also known as C=64, PANchan
First appearance Aug 2006
Height 157 cm (5'2")
Hair color indigo
Eye color light purple
Faction Binteeji Renmei, formerly from the Commodore Family
Technical information
System personified Commodore 64 hardware and BASIC
Developer(s) Commodore Business Machines
Debut Aug 1982
Latest release 1993-4

Technical details

Commodore 64-tan is the personification of the best-selling single personal computer model to date. Released in August 1982 at a price of $595USD, it took the market by storm and was sold by Commodore until its bankruptcy in 1994. Both a functional computer and video game system, the Commodore 64 remains popular with vintage video game enthusiasts, game emulators, musicians, and classic computer collectors. The Commodore 64 is also considered one of the most one of the most iconic symbols of the 1980's.

Released in the 2000s was the C64 Direct-to-TV, a video game system developed by Jeri Ellsworth, has sold well on QVC, whose offices are now in Commodore International's old headquarters. Ellsworth also developed the C-One, a single-board microcomputer initially created in 2002 as an enhanced Commodore 64 home computer, but has been re-engineered to allow cloning of other 8-bit computers. Paralleling this, Commodore 64-tan is also an inventor (albeit in the antiquated sense) and self-proclaimed genius, and also build the android C-One-tan.

Character details


Commodore 64-tan is depicted as a young and energetic girl with a physical age range of around 13 or 14 years old. She has purple eyes, long indigo or dark purple hair with two large side-bangs by her face. She wears the remnants of her Commodore sailor uniform, now stripped of all medals, formal regalia and headpiece. It is a stylized, antiquated naval captain's uniform, complete with tasseled epaulettes. It is mostly white with blue and red trim, including ranking insignia on the sleeves, and the collar is decorated with the C=64 rainbow stripes associated with the most iconic C64 design. Her full uniform had medals, and an aviator hat with goggles.


Unlike most vintage OS-tans, she adores maintaining herself with the latest trends, fads and gadgets, either regularly carries around some modern portable media device, or brands some pop-culture reference meant to keep her in step with today's youth (e.g, a Naruto-style headpiece etched with the original Commodore 64-logo).

Paralleling the success of the C64 Direct-to-TV and the C-One, Commodore 64-tan is also an inventor (albeit in the antiquated sense) and self-proclaimed genius, and also build the android C-One-tan. She is a passionate musician.

The present-day C64-tan can best be described as both pleasant and practical when involved in day-to-day matters; but she does turn bratty, sarcastic, condescending and/or distracted when it comes to matters of gaming or technology. However, C64-tan in her prime was strict, ambitious and highly-proud of her role commanding the flagship of the Commodore armada. It is for this reason that she never liked and frequently despised her cheery and easygoing stepsister AmigaOS-tan, who she blamed unfairly for her company's demise. This animosity has long been put aside, and both are now very close and loving sisters.


C64-tan has a good amount of innate magical ability, much more advanced than her older sisters and the C64's hardware specs, sound abilities and graphics were the most advanced for an 8-bit computer upon debut. She has a lot of spellbooks, and can do a lot of elaborate spells, referencing the C64's huge software library and popularity in the demoscene. However, her most elaborate spells are only for show, and she takes more pride in her inventions and hardware mods.

Family and relationships


Back in the service of the Commodore Fleet, C64-tan despised Amiga-tan, and treated her as a scapegoat for many things, including Commodore's most competent staff leaving in 1984, and for the Commodore faction's decline and later downfall. In service, C64-tan always saw Amiga-tan as a potential threat from within, but also extremely jealous of Amiga-tan's music and artistic abilities, which outclassed hers. C64-tan resorted to emotional abuse to make Amiga-tan feel bad about her abilities. After reuniting, Amiga-tan forgave her for everything, and C64-tan regrets what she did, and wants to encourage Amiga-tan to take up music again.


C264-tan used to resent C64-tan, and feared losing her fanbase to her, and living the rest of her life as a failure. They get along okay in the present day, as their fanbases have different niches, so C64-tan's isn't a threat to hers.

ZX Spectrum

C64-tan's strongest rivalry historically was with ZX Spectrum-tan, fueled by the intense rivalry of their fanbases and armies. In the present day, Spectrum-tan is mellow and non-confrontational, but C64-tan still feels compelled to challenge her at any given opportunity.

Atari ST

As intense as C64-tan's and ZX Spectrum-tan's rivalry was historically, C64-tan didn't have that much against Spectrum-tan personally. The same couldn't be said for ST-tan. Related to the circumstances of Atari ST-tan's birth, her very existence was seen by C64-tan as a tremendous betrayal. After the collapse of both their factions, they reconciled somewhat, but still have an intense rivalry, as rival musicians in the Binteeji Renmei.

History and background

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