Harvard Mark III

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Harvard Mark III
Character information
Common name Harvard Mark III
Also known as ADEC
Human name(s) Addie Aiken
First appearance late 2010
Height 169 cm (5'6.5")
Hair color brown
Eye color gold
Weapon(s) ?
Faction deceased
Lineage Harvard Architecture
Rival(s) ?
Technical information
System personified Harvard Mark III/ADEC
Developer(s) IBM, Harvard University
Debut 1949
Latest release ?

Character details

Harvard Mark III-tan is Mark I-tan's second daughter, and younger sister of Mark II-tan. Referencing the Mark III's memory drums, Mark III-tan wears large twin hair curlers in her hair (that look like drums from the side view), and has a penchant for playing the drums. She worked as a naval captain, but off duty, and sometimes even on duty, she wears Revolutionary War Continental Army uniforms. She is cheerful, bold, energetic, and scatterbrained. Unusually, she can process great amounts of information at once, but turning a page in a book (regardless of information density) is mentally taxing to her, referring to an information bottleneck in the Mark III's relay system.

Family and relationships

Like Mark II-tan, Mark III-tan was separated from her mother early in life, and worked in a separate division. She was rarely able to see any of her family, but she is forever grateful for them helping her get out of her depression.

History and background

Mark III-tan was the fastest and most powerful computer-tan for her time, and she took great confidence in her abilities despite her quirks or shortcomings in information processing. When she got surpassed, she lamented her fall from status and had depressive episodes, but was able to cheer up again with the support of her family, and was able to continue her job.