Harvard Mark II

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Harvard Mark II
Character information
Common name Harvard Mark II
Human name(s) Mary Aiken
First appearance late 2010
Height 163 cm (5'4")
Hair color brown
Eye color gold
Weapon(s) ?
Faction Deceased
Lineage Harvard Architecture
Rival(s) ?
Technical information
System personified Harvard Mark II
Developer(s) IBM, Harvard University
Debut 1947
Latest release unknown

Character details

Harvard Mark II-tan is Harvard Mark I-tan's first daughter. She has medium-length brown hair tied in pigtails, and wears an antiquated sailor outfit with poofy pants and sleeves, partly based off the outfits of 16th and 17th century explorers. She is a sailor, navigator and mathematician employed by the US Navy, and she also had some experience with mechanics. She is outgoing, adventurous, and prepared herself for any situation; her preparedness and the toolbox she always carries reference the Mark II being one of the first computers with hardware containing built-in functions.

She follows the traditions and philosophies set by her mother, but also operates under her own strict rules, which while they got the job done, weren't as efficient, and she often finds herself worrying about the small details.

She is a deceased character, it isn't known when she died.

Family and relationships

Early in her life, she was separated from her mother; they worked in separate divisions and were rarely able to see each other face-to-face. This troubled them both; Mark II-tan hoped she could reunite with her mother and siblings after retirement.