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Character information
Common name VAXELN
Also known as N/A
Human name(s) Ellen Cutler
First appearance Late 2007
Height 5'4"
Hair color Powder blue
Eye color Lilac
Weapon(s) N/A
Faction Wanderer Class, formerly from the DEC Military
Lineage DEC, VAX line
Rival(s) VxWorks
Technical information
System personified VAXELN
Developer(s) Digital Equipment Corporation
Debut 1987
Latest release 1996

Technical Details

VAXELN is a VMS-based real-time operating system for the VAX line of computers. It was developed by DECwest Engineering Group, the first non-New England based DEC engineering group, and was used mostly for real-time applications.

VAXELN was not ported to the Alpha architecture when development of the VAX ceased. Instead, they licensed VxWorks for use on real-time systems.

Character Details


VAXELN-tan is depicted as an older teenage girl, with medium-length powder blue hair with peaked bangs, wearing a stripped-down version of the standard DEC uniform. Her personality is somewhat on the immature side, and although she does her job well, she tends to be a bit dazed and unprepared in social matters. Like her fellow real-time OS-tans, VAXELN is rather athletically-inclined, being especially fond of skiing.

Family and Relationships

Unlike the rest of her family, VAXELN-tan was raised outside of New England - living thousands of miles away in Seattle. The only DEC-tans she had any sort of prolonged exposure to were VAX-tan and VMS, her elder sister. In spite of this, she still maintains a fairly strong sense of cultural identity.

She and VMS-tan get along for the most part, although VMS-tan dislikes her unmotivated nature and VAXELN is quite jealous of her sister's far more prolific career.

VAXELN was eventually displaced by VxWorks-tan, and as such harbors a grudge against her.