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Character information
Common name BUIC
Also known as Backup Interceptor Computer
Human name(s) Becca Forrester
First appearance Early 2010
Height 5'1
Hair color Red
Eye color blue and gold
Weapon(s) N/A
Faction N/A
Lineage N/A
Rival(s) N/A
Technical information
System personified Backup Interceptor Computer
Developer(s) US Air Force, Burroughs, MIT (?)
Debut Circa 1960
Latest release Circa 1983

Technical Details

BUIC was a backup computer system used at various SAGE sites.

Character details


BUIC-tan is one of SAGE's daughters, created as a back-up to take up SAGE's responsibilities in case something befalls her. She had short red hair in something resembling a bob cut, and decorated with metal barrettes. Her eyes were blue with gold highlights just like SAGE's, but she was more petite, less formal and typically dressed in Air Force fatigues instead of the elaborate, antiquated dress uniforms SAGE often wore.

Her sister is SABRE, who SAGE does not get along with. SAGE treated BUIC much more favorably and they were emotionally close, they corresponded by letter but couldn't visit each other for reasons of operational security. Because she rarely, if ever got the opportunity to put her responsibilities to use, she was often bored, not very motivated, and spent a lot of her time on base tinkering with spare equipment.

She never was able to cover for SAGE when she needed it most. Right around the time SAGE was forcibly retired, her hardware decommissioned, suffered blindness and further instability as a result, BUIC died in 1983.

Other family and relationships

It is unknown whether BUIC had any contact with her extended family, for instance her grandmother, Whirlwind-hime, or aunts CTSS or PDP-1. However it has been confirmed that BUIC had contact with the members of the CDC Faction; she had an ongoing romantic relationship with KRONOS-kun and during that time gained the favor of SCOPE-sama.

History and background


Visual arts


"Wounded" (SAGE-tan story in which BUIC-tan makes an appearance)