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Character information
Common name SCOPE
Also known as COS, Chippewa Operating System
Human name(s) Scholastica Fawley
First appearance Jan 2010
Height 196 cm (6'5")
Hair color multicolored (primarily blonde, brown and platinum)
Eye color red
Faction Mainframe Guild
Lineage CDC Faction
Rival(s) NOS
Technical information
System personified SCOPE (formerly COS)
Developer(s) CDC
Debut 1963
Latest release unknown

Character details


SCOPE-tan is very tall, bold and confident. She has long, messy multicolored hair, and has several stitches on her arms, legs and face; SCOPE was quickly pieced together from multiple OSes. Her eyes are red and always wide open, giving a perpetual look of surprise. Her dresses contrast with her intimidating yet piece-meal appearance, she dresses simply yet elegantly.

She has a competitive streak, and is very fast and likes to show up her contemporary rivals, the IBM-tans. Following the main roles of the CDC mainframes, she is a scientist, specializing in nuclear physics, but likes to mess around with and test various experiments.

Her confidence and leadership qualities stem from her taking a lot of pride in rising to power, and triumphing over her original fate as an inferior stop-gap OS. Underneath that confidence, however, she still hides a massive inferiority complex because of her past. She still has the strong need to prove herself.

Family and relationships

Aside from her second-in-command MACE, and the diplomatic KRONOS, she gets no respect from the rest of her faction despite her leadership. Her engineers sometimes refer to her as "Sunnyvale's Collection Of Programming Errors", and she has a love-hate relationship towards them.

She is friends with the Cray-tans, who she sees as her 'children', while the rest of the CDCs are still antagonistic towards them. She also adopted Bendix G-15-tan when she moved in with the CDCs.

Her arch-rival is NOS, who still holds a grudge.

History and background

When SCOPE-tan (originally known as COS, Chippewa Operating System) was born, she wasn't expected to amount to much, and inevitably live in the shadow of her older, superior sister CDC MASTER-tan. MASTER constantly bragged of her superiority, which wore away at COS's confidence.

With the debut of the CDC 6000 series, COS got her chance to better herself, but was constantly tormented by MASTER for daring to improve herself. Even when COS became SCOPE, and led charge of the CDC faction as the 6000's high-end OS, she never forgot MASTER's insults. It still wears away at her that she never got to have a final duel her as a sense of closure for their rivalry. Pressured by competition from the IBM-tans, SCOPE was pressured into becoming the leader of the CDCs, a position she took up reluctantly at first. She had to usurp power from SPIROS and NOS to become leader.

She never really usurped power from MASTER, who led the faction only in name until her death in the 70's. Solidifying her status as leader are her triumphs over SPIROS and NOS, and her battle against the DECs in the 70's that established the CDC faction's right to trade.