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Bell Operating System-tan
Character information
Common name Bell Operating System-tan
Also known as BESYS
Human name(s) Bethany Murray; Bethany Bell
First appearance Jan 2010
Height 166 cm (5'5.5")
Hair color Dark blue
Eye color Blue
Faction Deceased (died circa 1969)
Lineage IBM, direct descendant of GMOS
Technical information
System personified Bell Operating System (BESYS)
Developer(s) Bell Labs
Debut 1957 (never publicly released)
Latest release unknown

Technical Details

BESYS was created for the IBM 7090 and 7094 mainframes (like many OSes of the era) by Bell Labs in 1957, but was never released as a commercial product. An ancestor to Multics, experience and materials from BESYS were used in Multics' development.

Character Details


A half-sister to IBSYS-tan and UMES-tan but doesn't take after them very much. She has dark blue hair and eyes. Her hair is tied with a green ribbon (in the main color of the 7094), she wears jewelry with small bells on them, and her eyes have the Bell logo in them, like with UNIX's. She had many jobs, and along with them, many name badges she carried. Determined to take on any task, and had an excellent singing voice, and liked to sing while she worked. However, she was hard to get along with due to BESYS' lack of technical support, yet was widely-used at Bell Labs.

Might have been the OS for the Daisy Bell computer, but IBSYS also could have been. Both of them would claim to be the first.

Family and relationships


Multics was BESYS-tan's stepsister and de-facto successor, and was also her student for a short amount of time. They didn't get along; BESYS-tan resented being the tutor to the person who made her obsolete, who was unruly, and whose creation came at the expense of her life force.

History and background

BESYS-tan dedicated her life to working at Bell Labs, having worked many jobs there. Her physical and mental decline started in 1964, with the creation of her successor, Multics, which involved part of BESYS-tan's life force being sacrificed. She felt betrayed and became resentful; this was made worse by being assigned her successor as her student. Their short-lived tutor-student relation also references Bell Labs' involvement, then dropping out of the Multics project. Both were happy when that ended, and BESYS-tan wanted to be left alone and live her final days in peace.

She was originally stated to have died in 1964, but that was retconned to circa 1969 since BESYS continued to be used for a few more years.