Macintosh System 7.5

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Macintosh System 7.5
Character information
Common name Macintosh System 7.5
Also known as Al-chan
Human name(s) Amadea Macintosh
First appearance circa 2007
Height 171 cm (5'7.5")
Hair color light blonde
Eye color light blue
Weapon(s) assault rifles, tommy guns
Faction Wanderer Class
Lineage Classic Mac
Rival(s) various malware-tans, Windows-tans except for 3.1
Technical information
System personified Macintosh System 7.5.x
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Debut Sep 1994
Latest release 7.5.5 (27 Sep 1996)

Character Details


Macintosh System 7.5-tan is fairly recently-established character, represented as a blue-eyed blonde-haired woman in a light blue dress, white top and taskbar-style armbands. She bears a strong resemblance to a long-haired Mac OS9-tan, and more so resembles 9.2-tan, but her personality is opposite of theirs; 7.5-tan wields large rifles, is serious, disgruntled and often trigger-happy, but has a soft spot for a few people.

She is usually friendly towards the young OSX-kun catboys, but still willing to enforce punishment if necessary. In another of the first known comics pages featuring her, 3.1-tan is oblivious to 7.5-tan's disgruntled personality and even calls her Al-chan.

Alternate Character Interpretation

In Futaba canon

She is the oldest Mac-tan in Futaba canon and is seen as a big sister to all the other Macs.

Other continuities

In the OS-tan Annex Project and related continuities, she is thought to be a wanderer, who left the House of Mac after the OS Wars, feeling like a failure. Sometimes she visits, but mainly spends her days as a wandering vigilante.