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Character information
Common name: Windows 8-tan
Also known as: 8-tan, Metro
First appearance: 11 Oct 2012
Hair color: Copper Blonde
Eye color: Blue
OS-tan Annex Project Faction: Windows Family
Lineage: WinNT
Technical information
System Personified: Windows 8
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Debut: 25 Oct 2012
Latest Release: 6.3.9600 (April 8, 2014)

Technical details

Windows 8 was released by Microsoft in 2012 for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, tablets, and home theater PCs. It is the successor to Windows 7, and the predecessor to Windows 10. Development of Windows 8 started before the release of its predecessor in 2009. Its existence was first announced at CES 2011, and followed by the release of three pre-release versions from September 2011 to May 2012. The operating system was released to manufacturing on August 1, 2012, and was released for general availability on October 25, 2012, with upgrade disks and PCs available the following day.

Windows 8 added integration with online services, USB 3.0 support, additional security features, and introduced the Windows Store. It introduced the Metro design elements from Windows Phone to Windows desktops, and was oriented towards touchscreens to compete against other mobile OSes.

There was much controversy over Windows 8 for its new Start Menu, and the removal of the Start button from the taskbar, which were not welcomed by many. Some have even called it "unfriendly" and "useless" on a desktop or laptop, and reviews of the OS were quite mixed, or negative. Some of these issues were addressed with Windows 8.1, which was released to the public on October 27th 2013. 8.1 brought the Start button back to the taskbar, and made enhancements to the Start screen to address criticisms of Windows 8's user unfriendliness. 8.1 had mixed reviews, but had overall more positive reviews.

Yu & Ai Madobe

Ai, the eldest
Yu, the youngest
Yu & Ai are the Microsoft Japan mascots for Windows 8, which first appeared in an article about the two mascots for Windows 8 on October 11th, 2012. Before this article, one can see the silhouette of Yu Madobe at the end of a music video entitled Through The Window by MasatakaP and Electrocutica, that was the opener for Microsoft Developer Days in japan, and which stars Claudia Madobe,with a quick appearance by Nanami Madobe at the end shortly before the silhouette is seen.

Not much about these -tans are known, such as personality, or height, etc... only time will yield that information.


(NOTE: This is not OSC canon and is theory by an OSC user. Take information with a grain of salt...)

It is possible that Yu represents Windows RT while Ai represents Windows 8. Reason this is possible is because Ai being older than Yu, combined with the similar appearances, and Yu's more moe poses and appearance compared to Ai's more professional and serious poses, could be a reference to Windows RT and Windows 8, with 8 Being the oldest and more professional (having beta releases before its official release), and Windows RT being a tablet OS with the same UI as Windows 8, but having no x86 application support and only usable on ARM devices, making it more of a os to play with than something for professional work (despite being bundled with Office RT).

Windows 8 DSP

Windows 8 DSP

In Japan, one can buy 2 special editions of Windows 8 DSP which includes theme packs for Yu or Ai, as well as the accompanying sounds. Furthermore, in the Akihabara shopping district one can by a limited edition of these versions of Windows 8 DSP that include extra voices not contained in the regular Yu & Ai editions, as well as the Microsoft Wedge Mouse included will have an illustration on it of either Yu or Ai.

Other Renditions

Though Yu & Ai are the mascots used in Windows 8, theyre not the only ones! There's not many but a few fan made ones have surfaced in the fandom, such as a few from our very own users in the Os-tan collection forums, as well as a comic strip that oddly depicted 8-tan as a film director.

Aya Madobe

Aya Madobe

(NOTE: This is a fan-made tan and is not OSC canon.)

Aya Madobe is an alternate (fan-made) OS-tan for Windows 8. She has brown hair, is about 5"8, and is somewhere between the ages of 18 & 20. She is often disliked by her peers, and her existence is unacknowledged by the Windows Family, with one exception, that being her sister, Nanami Madobe, who visits her from time to time, and enjoys spending time with her. Aya is always trying to impress other people, and likes to always add her own personal touch to things. She is often misunderstood, and is not respected in her field when it comes to her line of work. When it comes to work she is usually creating office documents or doing assistant work, and is always wearing an ensemble of: A suit, skirt (adorning the Windows 8 logo), one of her many different colored ties (she owns 25 assorted colored ties in all), a charm bracelet, and black thigh high heeled boots. When it comes to her work her employers always seem to deem her unfit for certain task others in her position would find commonplace, and often hand such tasks off to other employees, despite her ability to complete the tasks. When she is not at work she is usually hanging out with some of her friends, Claudia Madobe, or Nanami, and is always wearing an ensemble of: Colored Pastel Shirt (She owns 25 assorted pastel colored shirts in all), a colored tie, a vest, a ruffled miniskirt (adorning a colored Windows 8 logo that matches her shirt color), black stockings, a charm bracelet, and thigh high zip up onyx black heeled platform boots. (note she always has a tie and charm bracelet).

Other Windows 8-tan designs can be seen below in in the 8-tan gallery section. A design by an unknown artist is of a blonde-haired girl in a dark blue sailor fuku school uniform. Her right eye is green, and her left eye is blue, and wears a blue bowtie with the Windows logo as a brooch.

A design by the artist Sato-kun depicts Windows 8-tan as a girl with short dark teal hair with a ponytail on her right side, and an 8-shaped hairclip on her left side. Her ponytail is tied with a teal bow, and she wears a school uniform in shades of blue and teal, with white socks and teal shoes.

Another design by an unknown artist depicts her as a cameragirl with red hair in a ponytail, orange eyes, and yellow glasses. She wears a tan hat, best and boots, with a white collared shirt, an orange tie, and green pants. She is nicknamed Mirihachi (ミリハチ). Her nickname, and her being a film enthusiast may be a pun on 8mm film.

There is another Windows 8-tan design depicting her as a woman with short green hair, with long bangs covering one of her eyes. She wears a multi-layered kimono with brightly-colored patterns, with a large green and white obi tied at the front. A design specifically for Windows 8 Consumer Preview is a girl with long black hair, blue eyes, and wears a blue suit jacket with a black pleated skirt, long black socks, and a gray patterned scarf. She has mechanical pieces attached to, and around her head.

8-tan Gallery

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