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Character information
Common name FLAC
Also known as Florida Automatic Computer
Human name(s) Florence Patrick
First appearance April 2012
Height 5'7
Hair color Sun bleached-brown
Eye color Gray
Weapon(s) N/A
Faction Unknown
Lineage Von Neumann Machine
Rival(s) IBM 709
Technical information
System personified Florida Automatic Computer
Developer(s) USAF, RCA Data Reduction Group
Debut 1953
Latest release 1956

Technical Details

Commissioned by the US Air Force in 1950 and built by a group of civilian engineers, the three Florida Automatic Computers were first operated in April 1953. They were used to process data from air-breathing and cruise missile tests at Atlantic Missile Range until 1960, when they were replaced by IBM 709 computers.

The FLAC was a von Neumann architecture computer, and most closely resembled the SEAC.

Character details

FLAC-tan is a woman of average height, with gray eyes, tanned skin and sun-bleached brown hair. She is particularly fast, strong and fast-healing for a computer of her era; however she is also quite temperamental, making her difficult to work with. FLAC-tan is depicted as either an Airman First Class or civilian contractor; in either interpretation, she is an expert on various missiles.

History and background

FLAC-tan was born at some point between 1950 and 1953, her debut occurring in 1953.