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The Apple-tans have been usually portrayed in a family-centric setting where they all live under the same roof in a big villa-style house.

Even if the only information perceived is coming through two completely different artists and two manga serieses independent from each other there seems to be some kind of consistency between the two versions of the Mac Household.

It should be noted that these two works represent the only material available and therefore the nature of this information is purely speculative.

In both versions the House is inhabited by both OSX and OS9 but there are some major differences between the two versions.

  • In the original mac manga the house is decorated with futuristic and Apple-themed furniture such as big iTunes controls in the walls, Apple-shaped couches and a PowerMac which OS9 uses while in the more recent ones the house is drawn as a regular japanese household but with somewhat of a western and a bit cartoonesque fashion when seen from outside.
  • The only residents we get to see in the original manga are OSX, OS9 and another Mac-tan which could be either iPod or iTunes or just a older version of Mac OS, while the moder manga has the Apple household inhabitated by OSX, OS9, the OSX cats and -san (formerly Toshiaki-san).
  • While in the original manga there are signs of (futuristic) technology such as the iTunes wall or simply the PowerMac the recent manga doesn't show any kind of technology in it other than the RAM banks the OSX cats insert into OS9 against her own will (which causes her breasts to expand) and OSX later steals for herself.

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