OSX Jaguar

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Mac OSX 10.2-tan
Character information
Common name Mac OSX 10.2-tan
Also known as Jaguar-tan
First appearance Nijiura.com (2005)
Technical information
System personified Mac OS X 10.2
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Debut August 24, 2002
Latest release v10.2.8 (October 3, 2003)

While it's not clear whether initial OSX-tan designs specifically targeted the Jaguar release (the first to be marketed with the feline-inspired codename), the depicted design is at least the most recognized relative to the small Mac-tan fanbase.

The release of OSX Jaguar marks the start of the truly stable OSX platform, making it appropriate that OSX Jaguar-tan is the first among a subsequent lineage of self-confident catgirls ( Panther, Tiger-tan, etc.). Jaguar-tan is depicted as a mid-adolescent girl with bright red hair, blue eyes, and jaguar ears and tail. She wears a futuristic grey and beige dress and boots, as well as a black choker featuring the glass Apple logo. She's frequently depicted as friendly and outgoing, only slightly tamer than her spirited younger sister OSX Tiger-tan

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