OSX Puma

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Mac OSX 10.1-tan
Character information
Common name Mac OSX 10.1-tan
Also known as Pu-chan
First appearance Nijiura.com (2005)
Technical information
System personified Mac OS X v10.1
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Debut 25 September 2001
Latest release v10.1.5 (June 6, 2002)

Unlike the Mac OSX-kuns, a concerted effort has been made to create unique personifications of each of the major OSX releases. The most recognized personificaion of OSX Puma depicts her as a young blue-haired, green-eyed catgirl (or pumagirl), wearing a sleeveless, white-collared black blouse decorated with a green ribbon bow and blue X's. The addition of fluffy socks and penny loafers completes the likely-intentional resemblance to a middle or high school student.

Puma-tan is also not commonly drawn, but is depicted frequently-enough to piece together her personality as being shy, mousy and insecure. Given that OSX 10.1 was more stable than its predecessor and offered some much desired features, the only parallel that can be drawn would be to the criticism levied on Puma for being such a small and timid technological leap from Cheetah.

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