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A distro-tan is a rendition of a distribution of Linux. A distribution is a compilation of software around the Linux-kernel, as well as an installer and a package management system to install/uninstall software. There are countless different Linux-distributions, so the work is nowhere near being finished. Generally, most distro-tans look similar due to being based on the same kernel, but there are some remarkable exceptions. Nearly all of them carry a spear like the original Linux-tan.

Complete list of distro-tans and their designers:

  • Arch Linux-tan (Juzo-kun's design)
  • Barbie Linux-tan (Aurora Borealis's design)
  • Damn Small Linux-tan (Aurora Borealis's design)
  • Debian-tan (Juzo-kun's design)
  • Fedora-tan (three different designs exist)
  • Gentoo-tan (Juzo-kun's design)
  • Knoppix-tan (2 different designs exist)
  • Linspire-tan (she is still called Lindows-tan despite the revised name of the distribution; many different renditions exist, but all conform to the original design)
  • Mandriva-tan (Juzo-kun's design and Aurora Borealis's design exist)
  • NepaLinux-tan (Kami-Tux's design)
  • RedHat-tan (three different designs exist)
  • Slackware-tan (three different designs exist)
  • SuSE-tan (various designs exist, but differ little)
  • Tinfoil Hat Linux-tan (Aurora Borealis's design)
  • Ubuntu-tan [two different designs exist]