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Character information
Common name NepaLinux
Also known as N/A
First appearance 2007
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Weapon(s) Spear
Faction Unknown; possibly Linux Unix Consortium or Wanderer Class
Lineage Linux, Debian branch
Rival(s) N/A
Technical information
System personified NepaLinux
Developer(s) Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya, PAN Localization Project
Debut 2005
Latest release 2008

Technical Details

Nepalinux is a Nepali-language Debian-based Linux distro.

Character Details


NepaLinux-tan is depicted as a compactly-built Nepali girl with short, straight black hair, dark eyes and sienna skintone. She is a plain dresser, usually depicted in a black shirt, cranberry cardigan and blue skirt. As with many of her Linux kin, she carries a spear - in her case, a golden one with the flag of Nepal hanging near the head. She also dons a blue helmet with a golden visor and Gnu horns, similar to the helmet that Linux-tan wore in her youth.

Owing her isolated geographic location, it is likely that she doesn't get to interact with her family very often. However, she has been drawn congregating with her fellow Open Source and alternative OS-tans.