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Character information
Common name Linspire-tan (formerly Lindows)
Also known as Lin-chan, Scallion girl, Negiko
First appearance unknown
Height *none listed officially
Hair color green-blue gradient
Eye color green-blue
Faction Linux Unix Consortium
Lineage Linux, Debian branch
Technical information
System personified Linspire
Developer(s) Linspire Inc.
Debut 2001
Latest release 6.0 (10 Oct 2007- discontinued)

Character Details

Linspire is a Linux distribution from Linspire Inc. that focuses on being easy to use and has its own software distribution service called Click N' Run (or CNR) and unlike most Linux distros, relies heavily on proprietary software and is not free.

Linspire-tan is represented as girl with blue and green hair wearing a white outfit, the original having her long hair down and wearing a large white shirt with the Linspire logo on it with matching white tights and blue shoes. Another rendition has her hair in twin buns (decorated with the CNR icon on each bun) with hook-shaped pigtails coming out of them and wears a Chinese dress with gold trim and the Linspire logo on it. This pigtailed rendition is said to be her current self while the other was her past self back when Linspire was known as Lindows although the original is sometimes also shown as Linspire-tan.

She is also known as Scallion Girl or Negiko because her hair color is similar to that of a scallion and is a very prolific scallion wielder that rivals ME-tan. Linspire-tan is generally an outcast, being a Windows fangirl (which even the Windows-tans usually do not appreciate) and also scoffed at by most Linux-tans for her beliefs. Still, that has not seemed to have affected her cheerful attitude.

She is often accompanied by GNU/Linux-tan, is friends with Linux XP-tan and has a younger sister: Freespire-tan.

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