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Character information
Common name Amiga-tan
Also known as Amiga OS, Miggy, Lorraine
First appearance Jun 2006
Height 183 cm (6'0")
Hair color Orange
Eye color Prism
Weapon(s) none
Faction Binteeji Renmei (co-founder)
Lineage Amigoid Family (matriarch)
Rival(s) Atari ST, Commodore 64 (former)
Technical information
System personified Amiga OS and hardware
Developer(s) Amiga Inc.
Debut 24 Jul 1985
Latest release circa 2010

Character Details


Amiga-tan or 'Miggy' is commonly drawn as a young, tall, friendly and energetic artist. She is one of the tallest vintage-tans, and towers over all of her contemporaries; this referencing how advanced and powerful the Amiga hardware is, while leaving her seemingly awkward and intimidating compared to them. Her original checkered shirt is based off the contemporary Amiga logo, although the monogram on her chest, the rainbow checkmark on her beret and rainbow eyes nod towards the older 80's logos. Her attire is meant to have a 50's retro look as she is a bit old-fashioned; however, her personality and ideas have (and continue to be) well ahead of their time. As an artist she carries around an art tote riddled with as many easter eggs as art supplies (although later renditions omitted the bag out of practicality).

The beret she wears is the only part of her old Commodore Family uniform that she still wears. Her old uniform is a stylized, sleeveless sailor outfit with long white gloves; the blouse is white, the skirt and collar are blue and the scarf is red. In her youth, her hair was short and tied in pigtails with Amiga Boing Ball hair ties.

Another depiction of Amiga-tan is her gala dress, this design debuted in Dec 2006 to commemorate the debut of Amiga OS 4.0.

She is one of the few old-era OS-tans (not including the Mac-tans) that still remains very active and has the potential to stage a market comeback. But due to her preference of cooperation rather than competition, she strives to bring ALL underrepresented OS-tans to the public consciousness rather than only herself. Being a voice for the minority doesn't gain her much efficiency, but makes her particularly charismatic to both friends and strangers alike.

Alternate character interpretation

Family and relationships

Like most old-era OS-tans, the Amigoid Family structure has historically been somewhat fragmented. Amiga-tan has a mother (TripOS-tan) and two daughters ( MorphOS-tan and AROS-tan), but rarely has a chance to see them. When she was born into the service of the Commodore Family, TripOS-tan had to sign away her parental rights to Amiga-tan, and they have not met until recent years.

Her daughters are actually cloned from her, since she had nothing to do with them being created; she refers to them as her daughters because it's more personal that way.


Her stepsisters are the Commodore-tans: Commodore PET-tan, Commodore VIC20-tan, Commodore 64-tan, Commodore Plus/4-tan, Commodore 128-tan with whom she spent her entire youth; except for Commodore 65-tan, who she had never met until long after the Commodore Family disbanded).

While in service, most of her stepsisters disliked her. PET-tan was constantly annoyed over her disregard for military etiquette, VIC-20-tan and C64-tan hated her for years, seeing her as a threat who would steal their following away. The rivalry was especially personal to C64-tan, who is an aspiring musician and hated that Amiga-tan is a talented musician. Plus/4 merely tolerated her, and C128-tan was somewhat friendly though.

But it is only in recent years that she's been able to get along well with at least PET-tan, C64-tan and C128-tan.

AMIX (Amiga Unix)

AMIX-tan was from a Unix bloodline, and was a stepsister to Amiga and the rest of the Commodore Family. AMIX-tan was emotionally cold and calculating, but also lonely; most of her stepsisters were too busy competing amongst themselves or other home computer-tans to pay much attention to her. Amiga-tan, not being very competitive, spent some time with her and became her friend.


Amiga-tan has met UNIX on occasion, and visits the Binteeji Renmei from time to time. UNIX is friends with her, and is the benefactress of the faction. This was because even at her most bitter after the pain of the Unix wars, she was amazed by Amiga-tan's kind treatment of AMIX-tan, her generosity towards others despite her hardship, and was just happy to meet someone friendly and honest for one of the first times in her life.

History and background

Origins and early life

Amiga-tan has multiple origins, She is the daughter of TripOS-tan, and was originally going to get adopted into the Atari Family, as the Amiga began development by Atari employees, but when Amiga-tan was born, the Commodore Family offered Trip OS-tan a better deal for her under the condition that she sign away her parental rights.

The circumstances of her early life sparked blood feuds between the Commodores and the Ataris, but even then, most of the Commodore-tans didn't get along with her; she just couldn't fit in, and struggled to cooperate with others even though she wanted to. The more militant of the Commodores saw her as competition rather than an ally, and wrote her off as being arrogant.

Her biggest rival was to be Atari ST-tan, who herself was created in response to Amiga-tan being adopted into the Commodore family; Amiga-tan didn't take the rivalry that seriously (and if anything, C64-tan did much more seriously!) even though her followers did. She was created as an extremely advanced OS-tan, and was the most powerful personal computer-tan for several years. She could have easily dominated the gaming and graphics markets, but would have rather collaborated with others even though she wasn't good at it, and she wasn't a very good tactician, the latter referencing the botched advertisement campaigns of the Amiga. Those factors prevented her from gaining more territory and fortune for her family than she actually did. That was another, yet contradictory reason why C64-tan in particular hated her for years.

In the final years of the Commodore Family, their financial hardships strained their relationships further, with VIC-20, C64 and Plus/4 treating Amiga as a scapegoat. While those tensions got worse, Amiga-tan attempted to remain neutral and indifferent to cope through it all, and not get involved with family politics. Her indifference didn't help in any way. When they went bankrupt in 1994, she didn't take it as hard as many of her stepsisters.

After the family's bankruptcy

This article is a work in-progress.

After the Commodore Family disbanded, everyone was left to fend for themselves, and many of them went their own ways. Amiga-tan was alone and wasn't prepared for the brutality of the OS Wars. She couldn't stop and help others, and this upset her a lot; all she could do was run from place to place, narrowly escaping the crossfire. During that time, she met Apple II-tan, Lisa-tan and GS/OS-tan, who retired from the Apple Family to live on II-tan's farmland. II-tan allowed her to live with them, though Lisa-tan was indifferent, and GS/OS-tan was hostile at first, but they allied, motivated to help other OS-tans hurt by the war.

During their war relief efforts, Amiga-tan and her new friends found Windows 1.0-tan and 2.0-tan desperately wandering around in a ravaged land. At first 1.0-tan and 2.0-tan refused to join them, feeling guilty that they 'caused' the OS Wars and didn't deserve the help being offered to them.

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