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Character information
Common name Bella
Also known as Bells, Broya, Labs, B, Bellz0rz
Human name(s) Borya
First appearance March 16 2007
Height 167 cm (5'6")
Hair color brown
Eye color brown/green/gray-blue
Weapon(s) Snark
Faction Wanderer Class
Lineage Mainframe
Rival(s) Overheating, memory malfunctions
Technical information

An avid OSC'er since 2007, Bella holds a degree in Computer History at the Imaginary University of Frivolous Knowledge (with a minor in New England Language Studies, ayup). Wants to visit a computer museum someday; in the meantime, she collects old and injured computers in the spirit of "if you can't bring Mohamed to the Mountain, bring the Mountain to Mohamed" if Mohamed = crazed old-techophile and the Mountain = stacks and stacks of vintage computers. Favourites within the field include:

-Olde New Englande Computers and OSes


-MIT-produced systems

-Apple Computers


-Ancestral computers

-Not letting the people around her forget that NEW ENGLAND INVENTED THE COMPUTER AS WE KNOW IT!

Loves the woobies of the computer industry, those OSes/computers/systems one can't help but feel badly for -- Apple ///, Lisa, Windows 1.0 and 2.0, OS/2, Multics, SAGE, the so-called Kitchen Computer, and that PET model with the irritatingly tiny keyboard. She wishes she could give them all a big hug and feed them soup and cookies! But, you know, metaphorically, since that'd be bound to short out some circuits.

Writes with pride on an aluminum 2.93ghz iMac running Mac OSX Snow Leopard, *the wickedest Unix ever*

(Did YOU know New England invented the computer as we know it?)