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Trivial Portable Operating System-tan
Character information
Common name TripOS-tan
Also known as TRIPOS
First appearance May 2009
Technical information
System personified TripOS
Developer(s) University of Cambridge, University of Bath, MetaComCo
Debut Jan 1978
Latest release 1980's

Technical Details

TripOS was developed in the late 1970's to early 1980's with development starting at the University of Cambridge. It originally ran on the PDP-11 but was ported to other systems such as the Data General Nova, Motorola 68000 architecture and Intel 8086-based hardware. The 68000 port was chosen by Commodore Amiga to form the OS for their upcoming computer series, the Amiga.

Character Details

TripOS-tan appears as a young-looking woman with short brown hair, orange eyes and wears a cyclist's outfit in blue+white. She is a former university scholar, now a motortrike wanderer who always lives on the move. She is very far behind the times because of her status as a wandering hermit but remains dedicated to her work, traveling from town-to-town doing research for an experiment. The experiment is of obsolete importance by now but still means much to her.

She is the mother of Amiga-tan and the grandmother of Anubis OS-tan, AROS-tan, Morph OS 1.x-tan and Morph OS 2.x-tan.

OSC Notes

She completely missed out on Amiga-tan's childhood because TripOS-tan was not allowed to meet her back when Amiga-tan was a member of the Commodore Family fleet. TripOS-tan didn't mind as she was okay with the deal due to her work at first and then later because of her travels. But over the past decade though, she has had a change in heart over this matter especially now since she knows that she had granddaughters and has made an effort to visit her descendants regularly.

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