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Commodore 264-tan
Character information
Common name Commodore 264-tan
Also known as C16, C116, Plus/4, Minus/60
First appearance Feb 2009
Height 164 cm (5'4.5")
Hair color light blue
Eye color dark blue
Faction Binteeji Renmei, formerly of the Commodore Family
Lineage Commodore
Rival(s) C64 (sibling rivalry)
Technical information
System personified Commodore 264 series, mainly the Plus/4
Developer(s) Commodore
Debut 1984
Latest release 1985

Technical details

This character represents the "Commodore 264" series- the Commodore C16, C116 and Plus/4, but mainly the latter. The three computer systems are similar to each other and were all commercial failures in the Western markets just the same, but at least the Plus/4 had some success in Central and Eastern Europe

The main factor that caused the C16, C116 and Plus/4 to fail was misaimed marketing- that they were deliberately limited in their abilities as to not replace the C64 but instead be a replacement for the VIC-20, and be a competitor against the Sinclair computers.

The Plus/4 is noted for being Commodore's computer model with a built-in office suite with a word processor, spreadsheet, database and graphing. However its suite is of poor quality, and its inferior graphics compared to the C64, and lack of backwards compatibility prevented the Plus/4 from being a gaming machine.

Character details

Plus/4-tan (as she is more commonly known) is represented as a girl with short light blue hair, dark blue eyes, and a headset. Her Commodore military uniform resembles C64-tan's, but is black and orange instead of white and blue. She still wears her jacket and boots with a dress. Sometimes she's depicted wearing a traditional Hungarian folk dress, as Hungary is where the Plus/4 had the most success, and still has quite a following today.

She isn't actually that bad at gaming, but pales in comparison to C64-tan, who she was constantly compared to, and fell victim to self-fulfilling prophecy for a long time. She mainly does office writing and office work although she's worse at those than gaming, but the lack of comparisons there make her feel better about those tasks.

She is still rather melancholy, but is compassionate and good at helping others. She's good at communicating, and likes to make art.

History and background