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Character information
Common name DOS/360
Also known as z/VSE, VSE/SP, VSE/ESA and other variations
First appearance January 2010
Height mid-high 5' range
Hair color Light grey
Eye color Grey
Faction Mainframe Guild, part of the old IBM Society
Lineage IBM, System/360 branch
Rival(s) N/A
Technical information
System personified DOS/360 and variants
Developer(s) IBM
Debut Circa 1966
Latest release Circa 2010 (As z/VSE)

Technical Details

DOS/360 - now called VSE - originated as a humble disk-based single-tasking operating system on the IBM System/360 mainframe. It had a small memory-footprint, allowing it to run on lower-end System/360 models incapable of handling OS/360. Later versions of DOS/360 incorporated multitasking and other advanced features, and its modern day incarnation - z/VSE - is still used and developed today.

At one point, DOS/360 was the most common OS in use.

Character Details


DOS/360-tan is depicted as a somewhat tall, lightly-built woman with long light grey hair. The most mature-looking member of the /360-tan family, she dresses professionally, preferring women's business-suits to the elaborate dresses her sister OS/360-tan favors. She is physically fast and strong, although she needs glasses and is somewhat hearing-impaired.

DOS/360-tan is generally easy-going, loyal and trustworthy, traits that have gained her a devoted following of users, terminals and a place as OS/360-tan's right-hand woman; indeed, she is one of the few people OS/360-tan thinks highly of and considers an equal. Due to her role in IBM intelligence (and work as a scout) she is quite apt at manipulation and subterfuge, talents assisted by her excellent speaking skills. Despite her verbal fluency, she has near-indecipherable handwriting.

History and background

Family and relationships

Her sisters are BOS/360 (deceased), TOS/360 (deceased), TSS/360 (deceased), and OS/360 (alive).

She is often referred to as GCOS-tan's mother, however this is a myth.

While on assignment, she helped found the DOSSE.