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Character information
Common name System/360
Also known as N/A
First appearance Late 2011
Height Low 6' range (~183-190 cm)
Hair color Dark brown with silver highlights
Eye color Orange-brown
Weapon(s) Physical strength
Faction Mainframe Guild, part of the old IBM Society
Lineage IBM, System/360 branch
Rival(s) Various large-scale mainframe-tans
Technical information
System personified All System/360 mainframe models
Developer(s) IBM
Debut 1964
Latest release 1978

Technical Details

First delivered in 1965, System/360 was a family of mainframe computers. System/360 models were compatible with one another, meaning that customers could start off with smaller system and move up to a larger one, if need be, without needing to reprogram software. They were used in a wide variety of applications and influenced hardware design for some time to come. Dozens of OSes were written for the system.

In spite of the System/360's popularity, no intact System/360s exist today.

Character Details


System/360-kun is a large, brawny man as the System/360 line were powerful and sizable mainframes. He wears colorful and outlandish suits in 1960's and 70's styles. He isn't particularly intelligent except in the fields of business; the System/360 was considered backwards by academics. Agreeable among the other IBM mainframes, but disdained outsiders, sharing OS/360's IBM supremacist attitude.

Because he needs to keep his powers under control, he normally wears several restraints, but when he needs to use more of his power, he takes restraints off one at a time. This references the process of upgrading the System/360: A technician would cut a specific wire on the machine, enabling it to use more resources and a more advanced OS.

With no intact System/360s left, he is presumably deceased, but this isn't yet confirmed.

Family and relationships

He is well-liked among the System/360 OS-tans, to the point he almost has a harem.


He is a close friend and colleague of OS/360-tan, and has worked well with her while not provoking her violent side too much.


Even though he has the physical strength to restrain TOS/360-tan, he is terrified of her.


He was protective of BOS/360-tan, cared for her a lot and wanted her to be happy, and was devastated when she died.


Still saddened by BOS/360's death, he was reluctant to approach the similarly sickly and frail TSS/360-tan, not wanting to go through the pain of losing another close friend.


Selectric-kun and System/360-kun openly dislike each other. Selectric-kun is condescending towards him, seeing him as an example of IBM idiocy and xenophobia, and is resentful of System/360-kun's leadership.

History and background