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Character information
Common name BOS/360
Also known as Basic Operating System/360
First appearance early 2010
Height 146 cm (4'9")
Hair color dark grey
Eye color grey
Faction deceased, formerly of the IBM society. Died in the late 60's or early 70's.
Lineage IBM, System/360 branch
Technical information
System personified BOS/360
Developer(s) IBM
Debut 1965
Latest release unknown

Character details


BOS/360-tan is the oldest of the IBM System/360 OS-tans, and is also TOS/360-tan's twin sister. Being a small stop-gap OS until a more advanced one would take her place, she was very thin, physically weak, and unfit for active duty. She looks a lot like OS/360-tan, but much smaller and thinner, and mainly wore punch-card theme dresses with long coats.

Aware of her origins, and fate of being obsolete from the start, she was gloomy, reclusive and borderline suicidal, but did the best she was physically capable of at work, primarily working in operations.

Family and relationships

BOS/360-tan was DOS/360's mentor. She wasn't happy about being the mentor to the very OS-tan meant to replace her as soon as possible, but took her mentor duties in stride in order to make a difference.

Although she only tolerated OS/360, mentored DOS/360, and was rightfully terrified of TOS/360, she was nevertheless proud to be an IBM-tan, and contribute in what ever ways she could in the short time she had to live.