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Character information
Common name TSS/360
Also known as N/A
First appearance 2008
Height 5'6
Hair color Light silver
Eye color Light gray
Weapon(s) Unknown
Faction Deceased OS-tans
Lineage IBM Mainframe
Rival(s) Multics
Technical information
System personified TSS/360
Developer(s) IBM
Debut 1967
Latest release 1971

Technical details

TSS/360 is a mainframe OS developed by IBM in the 1960's, released in 1967 and had features that were later popularized in Multics and CP/CMS. Like the ill-fated Multics, its main competitor, TSS/360 was an elegant and very ambitious system but was plagued by stability and performance problems. TSS/360 is regarded as "historically IBM's worst failure ever at building operating systems" and was scrapped altogether in 1971.

Character details

TSS/360-tan is represented as a dark-skinned woman with silver eyes and long silver hair. She dressed in elaborate gowns and was dressed to impress but she was very shy and unsure of herself. Her arch-rival was Multics-tan . Both of them had similar problems, having extremely high expectations neither could live up to but TSS/360-tan was worse off, having almost no supporters and ultimately died in 1971.