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Character information
Common name PC-DOS-tan
First appearance Sep 2006
Height 125 cm (4'1")
Hair color blue
Eye color light blue
Weapon(s) none
Faction DOSSE
Lineage x86 DOS
Technical information
System personified PC-DOS
Developer(s) IBM
Debut Aug 1981
Latest release PC-DOS 2000 (April 1998)

Technical details

PC-DOS was released in 1981 during the era of IBM + Microsoft cooperation. It started as a re-branded MS-DOS, marketed for the IBM PC while Microsoft marketed MS-DOS to the open market. PC-DOS diverged from MS-DOS after the breakup between Microsoft and IBM.

Character details

PC-DOS-tan is MS-DOS-tan's (non-canon) twin sister, as both OSes were developed and released together during the era of IBM + Microsoft cooperation. She is similar in appearance to her, with pigtails, round glasses and a school uniform. Her hair is blue, her skirt bears the IBM colors, and she carries an IBM ThinkPad as opposed to MS-DOS-tan's keyboard.

While she and MS-DOS-tan both still harbor an unconscious yearning to be reunited, time and distance have diverged their personalities, which is a parallel to how the PC-DOS and MS-DOS OSes diverged from one another after Microsoft's and IBM's break-up. PC-DOS-tan is now more mature, but ill-tempered and an extreme workaholic. Often she takes on more than she can handle at work. She also acts cool and brooding but it's all actually a facade since deep down inside she still longs for her twin sister, but when they do reunite -and the occasionally get the chance to-, both of their personalities temporarily revert to their former cheerful selves.

She usually accompanies PTS-DOS-tan and vents her feelings to her because PTS-DOS-tan speaks only in Russian, and is incorrectly assumed that she can't understand English. Pilot OS-tan is another of PC-DOS-tan's friends and her closest friend. Even then their favorite pastime is trading insults during a flight.

History and background

PC-DOS-tan is the twin sister of MS-DOS-tan; younger sister of QDOS-tan and biological daughter of DR-DOS-tan.

In the 1980's, she happily grew up as part of the Microsoft-IBM Family and lived with MS-DOS-tan, Windows 1.0-tan, Windows 2.0-tan, their stepsister OS/2-tan, and Xenix-tan the family caretaker. PC-DOS-tan and MS-DOS-tan were especially close and had nearly identical personalities but the break-up of the Microsoft-IBM Family changed both of their personalities radically and during the 1990s, they were only able to confront each other as rivals.

PC-DOS-tan in the present day is affiliated with the DOSSE, a subset of the Binteeji Renmei where she is reunited with most of her relatives but still has a hard time, being so shell-shocked from the Microsoft-IBM Family break-up in 1990. With the help of her friend Pilot OS-tan who arranges the get-togethers, PC-DOS-tan and MS-DOS-tan are able to reunite from time to time.

She works as a temp for OS/2-tan's struggling business and hates every bit of it, but that work gives what she feels to be a purpose in life. Because of her association with OS/2-tan, she is forced to be involved in some of the Anti$oft Coalition meetings and the silly antics that ensue. Sometimes tricked into their plans, all of this much to her chagrin.

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